300 Series - Aerodromes and Airports

PDF AC 300-001 Processing of Aerodrome Aeronautical Information

AC 300-002

Safety Management System Implementation Procedures for Airport Operators

AC 300-003

Aerodrome Operating Visibility - Cancelled
PDF AC 300-004 Unpaved Runway Surfaces
PDF AC 300-005 Changes to Runway Surface Condition Reporting
PDF AC 300-006 Precision Approach Path Indicator Maintenance and Inspection (PAPI)
PDF AC 300-007 Engineered Materials Arresting Systems for Aircraft Overruns
PDF AC 300-008 Runway Grooving
PDF AC 300-009 Land Use and Jurisdictional Issues at Aerodromes
PDF AC 300-011 Designation of Canadian International Airports
PDF AC 300-012 Storage, Handling and Dispensing of Aviation Fuels at Aerodromes
PDF AC 300-014 Precision Approach Path Indicator Flight Check
PDF AC 300-016 ALSF-2/SSALR Circuit Interleaving
PDF AC 300-017 Mixing Aeronautical Ground Lighting Technologies
PDF AC 300-018 Displacement of PAPI Axis for Offset Approaches

AC 301-001

Procedure to be followed in order to support Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP) at a non-certified aerodrome
PDF AC 301-002 Aerodrome Registration
PDF AC 301-003 Ice Aerodrome Development – Guidelines and Recommended Practices

AC 302-001

Publication of the Level of Service with Respect to Departure Below RVR 2600 (½ Statute Mile)

AC 302-002

Implementation of New or Amended Noise Abatement Procedures

AC 302-003

Personnel and Equipment Within the Critical Portion of the Runway Strip

AC 302-004

Use of a Follow-me Vehicle Service to Support Reduced/Low Visibility Operations

AC 302-005

Runway Guard Light Installation Criteria

AC 302-006

Publication of Special Reduced/Low Visibility Procedures in the appropriate Aeronautical Information Publication(s)

AC 302-007

Snow Profile Beyond Runway and Taxiway Edge for Airbus A380 Operations - Cancelled
PDF AC 302-008 Maintenance of Runway and Taxiway Lighting Systems
PDF AC 302-009 Precision Approach Path Indicator Harmonization with Instrument Landing System
PDF AC 302-010 Mobile Photometric Measuring Unit
PDF AC 302-011 Airport Pavement Bearing Strength Reporting
PDF AC 302-012 International Civil Aviation Organization Type A Obstacle Charts
PDF AC 302-013 Airport Winter Maintenance and Planning
PDF AC 302-014 Runway Ice Control Chemicals
PDF AC 302-015 Runway End Safety Area Bearing Strength Requirements
PDF AC 302-016 Airport Pavement Management System
PDF AC 302-017 Runway Friction Measurement
PDF AC 302-018 Grandfathering at Airports Pursuant to Canadian Aviation Regulation (CAR) 302.07
PDF AC 302-019 Methodology for the Identification of the Aircraft Group Number
PDF AC 302-020 Mixed Operations at an Airport
PDF AC 302-021 Introduction of TP 312 5th Edition
PDF AC 302-022 National Exemption to CAR 302.07 (1)(a)(ii)
PDF AC 302-023 Measurement and Evaluation of Runway Roughness
Cancelled AC 302-024 Designated Airport - Cancelled
PDF AC 302-025 Airport Emergency Plan – Transportation of Passengers and Crew
PDF AC 302-026 Decelerometer Performance Specifications
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