700 Series - Commercial Air Services

PDF AC 700-001 Dangerous Goods Special Authorization
PDF AC 700-002 Carriage of Medical Oxygen Cylinders or Portable Oxygen Concentrators for Passenger Use on Board Aircraft
PDF AC 700-004 Airborne Collision Avoidance System Advisory Material
PDF AC 700-005 Use of Transmitting and Non-Transmitting Portable Electronic Devices
PDF AC 700-006 Required Navigation Performance 4 (RNP 4) and Required Navigation Performance 10 (RNP 10) Airspace
PDF AC 700-007 Airport Taxi-in/Taxi-out Requirements in Reduced/Low Visibility
Cancelled AC 700-008 Development of a Dangerous Goods Training Program - Cancelled
PDF AC 700-009 Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast
PDF AC 700-010 Unruly Passengers and Incidents of Interference with a Crew Member
PDF AC 700-011 Operations on Runways with Unpaved Surfaces
PDF AC 700-012 Passenger Safety Briefings
PDF AC 700-013 Procedures and Training for the Preservation of Aircraft Recorded Data
PDF AC 700-014 Passenger Seating Requirements and Accessible Air Transportation
PDF AC 700-015 En Route Area Navigation Operations RNAV 5 (Formerly B-RNAV)
PDF AC 700-016 Compliance with Regulations and Standards for Engine-Inoperative Obstacle Avoidance
PDF AC 700-017 Flight Crew Member Qualifications - Sections 702.65 and 703.88 of the CARs - Grouping Method for Recurrent PPC Purposes of Aeroplanes with a MCTOW of 7,000 Pounds and Less, Operating Pursuant To Subparts 702 and 703 of the CARs
PDF AC 700-018 Flight Crew Member Qualifications - Sections 702.65 and 703.88 of the CARs - List of Approved and Cancelled Groupings for Recurrent PPC Purposes of Aeroplanes Operating Pursuant to Subparts 702 and 703 of the CARs
PDF AC 700-019 Terminal and En Route Area Navigation Operations (RNAV 1 and 2)
PDF AC 700-020 Electronic Flight Bags
PDF AC 700-021 Part VI and VII Regulations Cross-Reference to Aircraft Equipment and Installations
PDF AC 700-022 Air Operator Weight And Balance Control Procedures – Subparts 704 And 705 Of The Canadian Aviation Regulations
PDF AC 700-023 Required Navigation Performance Approach (RNP APCH)
PDF AC 700-024 Required Navigation Performance Authorization Required Approach (RNP AR APCH)
PDF AC 700-025 Required Navigation Performance 1 (RNP 1)
PDF AC 700-026 Aircraft Eye Wheel Height Information
PDF AC 700-027 Radius to Fix (RF) Path Terminator
PDF AC 700-028 Vertical Path Control on Non-Precision Approaches
PDF AC 700-029 Prevention of Runway Incursions
PDF AC 700-030 Electronic Holdover Time (eHOT) Applications
PDF AC 700-031 Prevention and Recovery from Aeroplane Stalls
PDF AC 700-032 Protective Breathing Equipment
PDF AC 700-035 Special Authorization for Take-off Operations below RVR 600 down to and including RVR 300
PDF AC 700-036 Brace for Impact Positions for all Aircraft Occupants
PDF AC 700-038 Performance-based Navigation (PBN) – Enroute
PDF AC 700-039 Requirements to obtain Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) Special Authorization
Cancelled AC 700-040 Supplemental Holdover Timetables and Regression Information for Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Type II and IV Fluids - Cancelled
PDF AC 700-041 Special Authorization (SA) for Required Communications Performance (RCP) 240 and Required Surveillance Performance (RSP) 180
PDF AC 700-042 Crew Resources Management (CRM)
PDF AC 700-043 Changes to Air Operator Certificates and Private Operator Registration Documents
PDF AC 703-004 Use of Segmented Passenger Weights By Commercial Air Operators under Subpart 703 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations
PDF AC 703-005 Air Taxi CAR 703 Pilot Proficiency Check (PPC) Validity Period
PDF AC 705-001 Bilingual Briefings at Window Emergency Exits
PDF AC 705-002 Approval Process Of Initial Flight Attendant Training Programs For Use By Multiple Air Operators
PDF AC 705-003 Line checks and quality assurance in Subpart 705 commercial air operations
PDF AC 705-005 Approach and Landing During Convective Weather Conditions
PDF AC 705-006 Land and Hold Short Operations (LAHSO) Operations Specification 617
PDF AC 705-007 Bounced Landing Training for 705 Air Operators
PDF AC 705-008 Compliance with Regulatory Requirements Respecting Life Raft Survival Equipment
PDF AC 705-009 Demonstration of Emergency Evacuation and Ditching Procedures – Airline Operations
PDF AC 705-010 Standardization of Portable Emergency Equipment and Emergency Procedures Pursuant to Sections 604.243 and 705.227 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations
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