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Civil Aviation Safety Alerts (CASA)

Title Number Issue Number
(Date issued)
Bell Helicopter 204B Tail Rotor Pitch Change Chain Configuration Control CASA 2017-07 Issue 01
Unapproved Parts Alert: Unapproved Batteries Installed or Intended to be Installed on Ameri-King Corporation AK-451 Model Emergency Locator Transmitters CASA 2017-06 Issue 01
Post Compressor Wash Drying Runs CASA 2017-05 Issue 01

Advisory Circulars (AC)

Title Number Issue Number
(Date issued)
Standardization of Portable Emergency Equipment and Emergency Procedures Pursuant to Sections 604.243 and 705.227 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations AC 705-010 Issue 01
Displacement of PAPI Axis for Offset Approaches AC 300-018 Issue 01
Decelerometer Performance Specifications AC 302-026 Issue 01
Processing of Aerodrome Aeronautical Information AC 300-001 Issue 03
ALSF-2/SSALR Circuit Interleaving AC 300-016 Issue 01
Mixing Aeronautical Ground Lighting Technologies AC 300-017 Issue 01
Introduction of TP 312 5th Edition AC 302-021 Issue 03

Feedback (Canadian Aviation Service Difficulty Reports)

Title Issue Number
Issue 1/2016 (Accessible PDF) Issue 1/2016
Issue 4/2015 (Accessible PDF) Issue 4/2015
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