Aerodrome Safety Functional Directive

ASD 2001-005

Appendix 1


Schedule D-2: Civil Aviation Aerodrome Safety Regional Manager,
Chief Aerodrome Standards and
Chief Programs and National Audits
Name of Regional Manager of Chief:  
Name of Supervisor:  
No. Regulation Short Text Description (For a complete text of the delegation, refer to the appropriate Delegation of Authority Schedule) Applicable
Y / N
Manager Signature Supervisor Signature Authorization Date
1.   To exercise all the powers set forth in Schedule D-3.        
2. 302.01(3) To issue an authorization specifying an equivalent of safety.        
3. 302.03(1) To issue an airport certificate.        
4. 302.05(1) To issue an interim airport certificate.        
5. 302.06(2) To cancel an airport certificate.        
6. 602.96(3)(d) To specify any airport operating restrictions.        
7. 602.105 To specify the applicable noise abatement procedures and noise control requirements.        
8. A.A S. 5.5(1) To cause a proposed zoning regulation to be published and to afford reasonable opportunity for representations thereto.        
9. AA P. 5.5(2)(b) To determine if a proposed zoning regulation would make no material substantive change in an existing zoning regulation.        
10. AA S. 5.6(2) To sign a copy of a zoning regulation and plan and descriptions to be deposited on record.        
11. AA S. 5.7(1) To advise by written notice of a contravention of a zoning regulation and the steps to be taken to prevent the continuation of the contravention.        
12. AA P.5.7(2)(b) To determine whether reasonable attempts were made to ascertain the address or whereabouts of an owner or trustee.        
13. AA S. 6.71(1) To refuse to issue a Canadian Aviation Document.        
14. AA S. 7(1) To suspend a Canadian Aviation Document other than an Air Operator Certificate.        
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