NOTE: The abbreviations and acronyms listed below may be used throughout this guide.

AAE Above Aerodrome Elevation
ADIZ Air Defence Identification Zone
AGL above ground level
TC AIM Aeronautical Information Manual
ASL above sea level
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATF Aerodrome Traffic Frequency
ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service
ATS Air Traffic Services
CARs Canadian Aviation Regulations
CFS Canada Flight Supplement
ELT emergency locator transmitter
ETA estimated time of arrival
FIC Flight Information Center
FSS Flight Service Station
IFR Instrument Flight Rules
kt. knot(s)
Lb pound(s)
MHz megahertz
MF Mandatory Frequency
NM nautical mile(s)
NORDO no radio
PIC pilot-in-command
TSB Transportation Safety Board of Canada
UNICOM Universal Communications
UTC Co-ordinated Universal Time (Z)
VDF very high frequency direction finding
VFR Visual Flight Rules
VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions

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