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Knowledge Requirements

Applicants for a ATPL Helicopter are expected to have mastered the various subjects included in this guide in addition to material required to obtain a Commercial Pilot Licence - Helicopter (see TP 2476E). All applicants must also be able to read the examination questions in either English or French without assistance.

Subjects marked with a bullet ( ) are considered essential knowledge for the ATPL - Helicopter applicants.


The conditions of issue of all flight crew licences are stated in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

Applicants for the Commercial Pilot Licence in the Aeroplane Category shall demonstrate their knowledge by writing a Transport Canada multiple choice examination on subjects contained in this guide.

Examination Questions Time Limit Pass Mark
Air Regulations and Air Traffic Procedures, Helicopter Operations and Navigation General - HARON 80 3½ hours 70%

Examination Questions Time Limit Pass Mark
Meteorology, Radio Aids to Navigation and Flight Planning - HAMRA 80 3½ hours 70%


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