Chapter 14 - Powered Parachutes


A powered parachute is an aircraft that consists of a motor, a structure such as a cart, bicycle, back packs, etc., to support the pilot to which a rectangular or elliptical-shaped ram-air parachute is attached. It has been determined that a "parachute" meets the Aeronautics Act definition of an "aircraft" and therefore powered parachutes must be registered as an ultra-light aeroplane.

Currently there is nothing in the CARs that stipulates what constitutes the identity of a powered parachute or powered paraglider for registration purposes.


A powered parachute must have a serial number in order for a Certificate of Registration to be issued. Bills of sale should identify the aircraft by the model and the serial number. Transport Canada will assign, at time of mark allotment, a six digit serial number to ultra-light aeroplanes that were not assigned a serial number by the manufacturer. The serial number is preceded by the letters "TC" and is keyed to the last three letters of the registration mark with relation to their numerical position in the alphabet. To avoid a possible repeat of a serial number each letter "A" through "I", which would normally have a single digit numerical position, shall be preceded by the number 0. For example if the last three letters of the mark are "AAA" the serial number will be TC010101.

14.3  MARKS

Standards 222.01(1)(i)

A powered parachute is a "heavier than air aircraft" and as such must display registration marks prior to operation. Marks allotted would be in the C-I series. When the marks are not displayed on the bottom surface of the wings (parachute) then marks can be affixed in accordance with 222.01(2)(o) which allows the mark to be shown only on the sides of the ultra-light. If the structure does not accommodate the required 30 cm (11.8inches) size marks on the side, then the marks shall be as high as possible, but never less than 7.5 cm (3 inches).

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