Chapter 15 - Fees

CARs 104.01, 104.02


The fee schedules for aircraft registration and leasing services are contained in Subpart 4 of Part I of the CARs - Schedules II and III. Also, Schedule I contains the fee for replacement of a mutilated, lost or destroyed Canadian aviation document.


CARs 104.02 states that if any document is not issued, renewed, amended or endorsed, but action preparatory thereto has been carried out, the charge calculated is still payable. It is advisable, therefore, to collect the fee at the outset of providing the service. It is not contingent upon whether or not, ultimately, the document is issued.

There are some cases, however, where this would not prove to be a common sense approach. In such cases, a document may be issued with the fee not yet collected. This could be the case, for example, where a Provisional or Temporary Certificate of Registration is urgently needed. As the owner will need a Continuing Certificate of Registration after the Provisional or Temporary, then payment can be collected for the Provisional or Temporary prior to issuing the Continuing Certificate of Registration. We may "choose not to collect" a fee in cases where it would encourage an aircraft owner to comply with Transport Canada policy in respect of a service provided (e.g. change of an advanced ultra-light mark from C-F or C-G to a C-I; no exemption fee collected because it is our objective to be able to easily identify all ultra-lights and advanced ultra-lights through the C-I marks).


How are service fees determined?

The fees for Transport Canada services reflect what it costs to deliver services to those people who directly benefit from them. This represents a shift in policy which took place prior to the introduction of the January 1, 1998, fee schedule. Previously, the costs of regulatory services were borne, in large part, by the taxpayer rather than those who directly benefitted from them.

To arrive at the fee for any given service, a formula is applied based, in part, on the resources expended to deliver that service. The aviation community is consulted on the nature and magnitude of fee changes on an ongoing basis.

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