The Flight Attendant Manual Standard itemizes the minimum standards for content which an air operator must include in the publication of a flight attendant manual. When developing a flight attendant manual for regulatory approval, the air operator must extract the components from the standard which are applicable to their operation.


The Flight Attendant Manual Standard is divided into two parts:


This part establishes the safety and emergency procedures information which must be contained in the flight attendant manual; issued to each flight attendant; readily available for reference during flight; and is approved by Transport Canada.


This part establishes additional information which is not required to be readily available for reference during flight. It must be issued to each flight attendant; does not require approval; and is audited by Transport Canada.

Notwithstanding the above an air operator may choose to issue both parts in one publication.

Each part shall be kept up-to-date by the flight attendant and contain at least the following:

  1. a table of contents
  2. a list of effective pages
  3. amending procedures
  4. amendment control page
  5. preamble
  6. the date of the last amendment to each page specified on that page.
  7. a reference to each applicable regulatory requirement

NOTE:  Optional items, guidance information, recommended practices, explanations and other information items will be italicized and where practicable, shown in an enclosed box. These items do not form part of the standard, but provide additional information for the assistance of users of this standard.

Information published in an air operator's Flight Attendant Manual may be organized in a different order than that presented in this Standard, however, the air operator must provide a detailed index/cross reference.

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