Part A - Section 1 - Safety Procedures - Table of Contents

1A.0  Transport Canada

  • Roles/functions of Inspectors
  • Inspector identification
  • Air operator procedures - carriage of Inspectors
  • Authority of Inspectors

1A.1 Crew Member Responsibility - to follow and enforce company policies/procedures and regulatory requirements.

1A.2 Flight Attendant Responsibility - to communicate any onboard safety concern they may have or that may be communicated to them by a passenger to the Captain.

1A.3 Flight Attendant Manual

  • Revision procedures
  • Air operator procedures re: accessibility
  • Responsibility to update personal copy(s) of manual(s)

1A.4  Flight Attendant Consumption of Alcohol/Medication/Drugs

  • Air operator policy

1A.5  Flight Deck

  • Authority of the pilot in command
  • Chain of command while on duty
  • Safe communication practices with the Flight Deck

1A.6  Admittance to the Flight Deck

  • Pilot in command's authority for admittance to the flight deck
  • Policies and procedures regarding admittance to flight deck and occupancy of flight deck seats

1A.7  Sterile Flight Deck

  • Definition
  • Phases of flight
  • Emergency communication during these periods

1A.8  Flight Deck Service

  • Safety guidelines
  • Procedures re: crew meals

1A.9  Security Pass

  • Transport Canada issued security pass - policies/procedures regarding use/wearing of the card
  • Procedures - lost security pass

1A.10  Crew Complement

  • Minimum cabin crew - each aircraft type
  • Crew position assignment priorities, each aircraft type
  • Operations Specification - "Exceptional Circumstances"

1A.11 Crew Pre-Flight Safety Briefings

  • Procedures re:

    • when and by whom to be conducted
    • content and format

1A.12 Pre-Flight Serviceability Checks of Safety and Emergency Equipment

  • When checks are completed

    • change of crew
    • change of aircraft
    • continuous duty periods with crew rest between operations

  • How/who to perform checks.

    • associated paperwork/checklists

  • What to do if equipment is:

    • unserviceable
    • missing
    • replaced

1A.13 Special Needs Passengers

  • Definition and description of passengers deemed "Special Needs Passengers"
  • Restrictions in numbers to be carried - each aircraft type
  • Seating restrictions
  • Procedures re: special briefing prior to departure to meet the particular requirements of each individual special needs passenger - include content and methodology
  • Seat back recline procedures
  • Carriage of: stretcher(s), incubator(s) - procedures

1A.14  Passenger Safety Announcements

  • Pre-Flight Passenger Safety Announcement and Demonstration

    • identify the requirement for, prior to departure
    • identify the content of, including but not limited to:
    • carry-on baggage regulations
    • use of seatbelts; fastening, releasing, tightening
    • seatbacks and tray table positioning
    • location of emergency exits and exit locator signs
    • seatbelt and no smoking signs
    • oxygen mask locations, donning and operation
    • life preserver location, removal from stowage, donning and operation
    • location, operation, instructions for other floatation equipment
    • emergency lighting/floor proximity lighting system
    • passengers advised that they may draw any concerns to the attention of a cabin crew member
    • passenger operated electronic devices
    • safety features card

  • Identify the content of the after-take-off briefing including but not limited to:

    • smoking regulations
    • recommended use of seatbelt in-flight

  • Identify the requirement for and the content of briefings regarding turbulence

    • directing use of seatbelts
    • stowing carry-on baggage

  • Identify the content of the pre-landing briefing including but not limited to:

    • carry-on baggage stowage
    • fastening of seatbelts
    • seatbacks and tray table positioning
    • location of exits on flights scheduled four hours or more

  • Identify the content of the after-landing briefing including but not limited to:

    • remaining seated with seatbelts fastened
    • carry-on baggage requirements
    • smoking restrictions
    • safe movement away from aircraft

1A.15  Carriage of Guide and Service Animal(s) - procedures

1A.16  Carriage of Animals in the Cabin - procedures

1A.17  Child Restraint Systems

  • Terms of acceptance
  • Maximum weight, height of occupants
  • Procedures for the carriage of the seat
  • Labelling requirements
  • Seating Locations - restrictions
  • Special briefing requirement

1A.18  Infant Seating - restrictions

1A.19  Exit Row Seating - restrictions

1A.20  Prisoners/Escorts - transportation procedures

1A.21 Cabin Supervision

  • Definition
  • Procedures - station stops; during boarding; and deplaning of passengers

1A.22 Carriage of Weapons - procedures

1A.23 Passenger Head Count/Weight & Balance - procedures

1A.24  Door Procedures/Signals (Normal Operation)

  • Closing of doors
  • Arming of doors
  • Disarming of doors
  • Opening of doors

1A.25  Inoperative Doors

  • MEL relief given to carriers when a door/slide is inoperative, including but not limited to:

    • number of doors/slides that may be inoperative for each aircraft type
    • passenger load and seating restrictions for each aircraft type
    • flight attendant duties and manning of stations for take-off and landing when this condition occurs
    • signage, placarding, and announcement to passengers regarding inoperative door/slide

1A.26  Ground Service

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Procedures

1A.27  Duties Prior To/During Pushback/Taxi/Preparation For Take-off

  • Regulatory requirements and procedures
  • Safety duties only

1A.28  Pre-Take-Off/ Pre-Landing Checks- Cabin/Galley Secure

  • Procedures: Passenger; Cabin; Galley; Lavatory
  • Air operator's procedures to ensure that cabin/galley duties are complete & Flight Attendants seated and secured prior to commencement of the take-off roll and prior to landing.

1A.29  Passenger Medical Oxygen

  • Procedures re: acceptance of passengers and equipment
  • Stowage/securing means/devices for take-off, landing, and in-flight turbulence.

1A.30  Seat Belts/No Smoking Signs

  • Flight Attendant(s) duties when a seat belt/no smoking sign is changed (ON/OFF)

1A.31 Seat Belts

  • Requirement for seat belts
  • Passenger requirement for use
  • Crew requirement for use
  • Seat belt extensions

1A.32 Smoking

  • Non Smokers Health Act
  • Regulatory requirements including enforcement
  • Air operator procedures

1A.33 Use of Portable Electronic Devices

  • Procedures re:

    • items permitted without restriction
    • items permitted during cruise
    • items prohibited

  • Procedures when interference to aircraft systems is experienced
  • Use of devices on open ramps and during boarding/deplaning

1A.34  Turbulence

  • Definitions from A.I.P. Canada
  • Flight Attendant duties/responsibilities-each category
  • Service
  • Communication between crew (Flight Deck/Cabin etc.)
  • In-charge flight attendant responsibilities

1A.35  Signals - Take-off/Landing Imminent - and associated procedures

1A.36  Silent Review

  • Description
  • Phases of flight when required
  • Content

1A.37  Flight Attendant Seats/Stations

  • When Flight Attendants must occupy seats
  • Requirement to occupy assigned station/seat
  • Persons authorized to occupy
  • Pre-flight serviceability checks

1A.38  Unserviceable Flight Attendant Seat (Aircraft MEL)

  • Conditions which constitute an unserviceable flight attendant seat
  • Procedures for unserviceable flight attendant seats

    • alternate seating
    • alternate procedures for communication, evacuation
    • conditions for occupying alternate seat

1A.39  Cabin Baggage

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Procedures for acceptance
  • Approved stowages
  • Restricted areas
  • Procedures for management of excess baggage
  • Crew carry-on baggage procedures

1A.40  Cargo in Passenger Seats/Cabin

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Equipment used to meet compliance
  • Procedures for acceptance and securing

1A.41 Galley/Service Equipment

  • Safety procedures
  • Use of galley equipment/service during turbulence

1A.42 Duties After Landing - Taxi-In

1A.43 Fuelling With Passengers on Board

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Procedures and conditions

1A.44  Cabin Checks/Lavatory Checks - During Flight

1A.45  Liquor Laws

  • Regulations
  • Air operator responsibilities
  • Flight Attendant responsibilities
  • Enforcement

1A.46  Unruly, Unmanageable and Impaired Passengers

  • Flight attendant procedures

    • acceptance/refusal

1A.47  Transportation of Dangerous Goods in Cabin

  • Definition

    • Dangerous Goods Accepted
    • Dangerous Goods Forbidden
    • Dangerous Goods Excepted

  • 9 Classes of Dangerous Goods
  • Packaging labels - examples
  • List of Dangerous Goods Excepted:

    • on the aircraft
    • on person
    • carry-on baggage
    • carry-on OR checked baggage

  • Dangerous Goods Spill/Leak

    • procedures

1A.48  Flight Attendant Safety Responsibilities/Duties each position (station)-each aircraft type

1A.49  Incident Reporting

  • Procedures

1A.50  Aircraft Surface Contamination Procedures

  • Description of surface contamination
  • Description of "Clean Aircraft Concept"
  • Flight Attendant responsibilities
  • Crew communication
  • De-Icing/Anti-Icing

    • Definition and Application

  • Flight Attendant responsibility to monitor wing surface conditions for contamination in conditions of adverse weather.
  • Flight Attendant responsibility to report to the pilot-in-command, any time prior to the take-off roll, any concerns conveyed by a passenger relating to wing contamination.

1A.51 Apron Safety Procedures

1A.52 Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

  • Definition of "WHMIS"
  • Access of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Air operator procedures

1A.53 Announcements - General

  • Air operator language procedures
  • When announcements must be made
  • Demonstration positions in cabin - each aircraft
  • Content/methodology of demonstration
  • Flight Attendant duties during taped announcements/demonstrations

1A.54  Rejected (Aborted) Take-Off

  • Description
  • Flight attendant procedures

1A.55  Missed Approach

  • Description
  • Flight attendant procedures
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