Examination Results - Decoding

Candidates who write an examination will be informed of the Question topics they answered incorrectly by a series of numbers related to the sections and topics contained in this Guide. Questions relating to more than one topic are shown by a slash (/) separating the series of numbers (example 3). The method of decoding these numbers is explained by the examples below.

How to Decode

Example (1)
Section 1. Air Law and Procedures
Sub-section 1. CARs - PART 1 - General Provisions
Subpart 2. Administration and Compliance
Topic 3 Record Keeping
Example (2) 3.5.1
Section 3. Meteorology
Sub-section 5. Moisture
Topic 1 Relative Humidity/Dewpoint
Example (3) 3.9.12/7.2.10
Section 3. Meteorology
Sub-section 9. Wind
Topic 12 Wind Shear Types and Causes
Section 7. Flight Operations
Sub-section 2. Performance
Topic 10 Wind Shear - Effects and Avoidance
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