Appendix II - Phase-in Schedule of NAFTA SAS

Service Category Mexican Canadian and United States
Aerial Advertising EIF* EIF
Aerial Construction EIF EIF
Aerial Inspection or Surveillance January 1, 2000 EIF
Aerial Mapping January 1, 2000 EIF
Aerial Photography January 1, 2000 EIF
Aerial Sightseeing EIF EIF
Aerial Spraying January 1, 2000 January 1, 2000
Aerial Surveying January 1, 2000 EIF
Fire Fighting EIF EIF
Flight Training EIF EIF
Forest Fire Management EIF EIF
Glider Towing EIF EIF
Heli-Logging EIF EIF
Parachute Jumping EIF


*EIF = entered into force

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