3.3 Certification Process

3.3.1  The initial contact for an application for an FTA AOC will be with the Foreign Inspection Division (AARXH).

3.3.2  An applicant for an FTA AOC will receive, from the Foreign Inspection Division, an explanatory covering letter and a copy of Form 26-0509 - Application to Authorize Specialty Air Service Operations - Free Trade Agreement (FTA). This Form must be completed using the applicant's address, operation's base, telephone and, if available, facsimile and telex numbers, rather than an agent's or a lawyer's.

3.3.3  The initial submission must be accompanied by a charge of five-hundred ($500.00) dollars Canadian.

3.3.4  Refer to Form 26-0509.

3.3.5  Applications involving the Specialty Air Service Flight Training are to be directed to the Flight Training Division (AARRE) of the General Aviation Branch.

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