3.5 Issue of an FTA AOC

3.5.1  When an applicant submits a Form 26-0509 accompanied by an FTA Certificate of Authorizg, and the certification charge of $500.00 dollars, the Foreign Inspection Division will, upon a positive evaluation of the applicant from a safety perspective, issue a FTA AOC.

3.5.2  The FTA AOC, unless suspended or revoked, will be valid for a maximum period of one year. If the applicant wishes to renew the certificate, a formal application for renewal shall be made using Form 26-0509. The renewal process will be the same as for the original certification.

3.5.3  The FTA AOC will indicate that the approved specialty air services are valid in all Regions.

3.5.4  The FTA air operator must contact the Foreign Inspection Division:

  1. prior to commencing initial SAS operations in each geographic area as defined in the work contract;
  2. upon changing the type of SAS operation being conducted, and
  3. upon subsequent return to the original geographic area.
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