3.9 Exemptions to the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)

3.9.1  The issue of an FTA AOC is predicated upon the applicant providing TC with an FTA Certificate of Authorization. It is issued pursuant to the requirements of subpart 702 of the CARs. Consequently, until the CARs are amended to provide legal details on handling the certification of the FTA partners, the following blanket Ministerial Exemptions apply to FTA air operators conducting Specialty Air Services in Canada:

  1. section 700.03 of the CARs;

    "exemption from the requirement of procuring an authorization from the Minister"
  2. paragraph 700.04(3)(b) of the CARs;

    "exemption for the person to meet the requirements of subpart 702 of CARs."

3.9.2  These exemptions will be reproduced in AIP Canada.

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