5.1 General

This chapter provides guidance on the procedures to be followed by TC inspectors prior to any punitive action being taken in respect of an FTA AOC. From an enforcement perspective, the history of foreign air operators conducting SAS in Canada has been overwhelmingly positive. If a deficiency is observed the guidance contained in this chapter describes the basic approach which should be taken.

5.1.1  Deficiencies

An "observed deficiency" may be found during a ramp check or at any other time by a TC inspector. Such inspections may be the result of a random inspection or a "directed" inspection. Inspectors must ensure that they obtain documentary evidence such as written statements, photographs, transcripts of tapes, airport documents, applicable weather reports, etc., and where possible the evidence must be witnessed or certified. Every effort is to be made to ensure that all documentation is legible and that aircraft types and registrations are exact.

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