5.3 Administrative Procedure

  1. Once it has become reasonably certain that some compliance action is to be taken against a FTA foreign air operator, the Foreign Inspection Division must immediately advise the following:
    1. Foreign Affairs and International Trade (EXT-EBS): Deputy Director, Aviation (996-0934);
    2. Air Policy and Programs (ACEA): (991-9082); and
    3. Regulatory Services (AARB): (990-1224).
  2. The advice should include who, what, when, why and the means TC will be using to advise the FTA foreign air operator. Early and complete advice to Foreign Affairs and International Trade enables them to give a heads-up to their personnel in the country affected.
  3. Originals of enforcement orders are to be addressed to the FTA foreign air operator concerned using the following means of transmission and in the indicated priority: (1) FAX; or (2) AFTN with a hard copy being sent by registered mail. Carbon copies are to be sent to the North American office/contact or agent, and the Civil Aviation Authority of the country affected.
  4. Information copies of a compliance order must be copied to:
    1. Foreign Affairs and International Trade (EXT-EBS), FAX 944-0058;
    2. Canadian Delegation to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO): (ZCE), FAX (514) 954-5809.

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