Appendix A - A Canadian Air Operator that Leases a Canadian Aircraft from Another Canadian Air Operator - No Authorization Required

An LF-5 - Leasing Advisory is completed by the registered owner of the aircraft and sent to the regional Aircraft Registration and Leasing division (ARL).

CARs reference: 203.03(1)(e)

ARL will ensure that the registered owner has informed them in writing (via the LF-5) no later than seven days after the term of the lease commences of:

  • the registration mark, manufacturer model designation and serial number of the aircraft;
  • the names, addresses and telephone numbers, and facsimile numbers, if any, of the registered owner and the lessee;
  • the Canadian operator certificate number and the approved maintenance organization certificate numbers of the lessor and the lessee;
  • the commencement and termination dates of the lease;
  • the name of the person who is responsible for the maintenance of the aircraft during the term of the lease; and
  • the address of the main maintenance base for the aircraft.

CARs reference: 203.03(1)(e)(i)-(vi)

ARL will distribute the LF-5 to the regional Aircraft Maintenance and Manufacturing division for their review of the following requirements:

  • That the maintenance control systems referred to in section 406.35, 604.48 or 706.02 and the maintenance schedule approved by the Minister under subsection 605.86(2) are, during the term of the lease, equivalent for the lessor and the lessee.

CARs reference: 203.03(1)(c)

ARL will distribute the LF-5 to the following regional/TCC divisions for their information:

  • Commercial and Business Aviation (for an air operator)
  • General Aviation (for a flight training unit)
  • Airline Inspection Division (if an Airline Inspection Division operator is involved)

ARL will update CCARCS-E.

The LF-5 will be placed on the leasing and aircraft files by ARL and a copy forwarded to AARRC.

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