XYZ Air Operators - Applicability

This document sets forth the standards and requirements for the establishment and maintenance of an approved training program for Aircraft Dispatchers employed by (Name of Air Operator).

Training Objective

At the conclusion of any training curriculum, the individual involved will be able to successfully demonstrate his knowledge of the regulations, polices, and procedures applicable to specific block of instruction by correctly answering 70 percent of the questions. All open book tests must be corrected to 100 percent. Following the completion of the air operators specific training candidates must satisfactorily complete the specified on-job training requirements set out in the operations manual followed by a Flight Dispatcher Competence check.


Training will be conducted in a facility which can comfortably seat students and is equipped with and will be maintained at a comfortable temperature.

Training Aids

Training aids include: (Include all training aids, some examples are: a 16 mm film projector; a slide projector, a VCR with a 25" color Television monitor, etc.)


A listing of training materials made available to each student can be found in the appendix A under, Training Materials. Specific lesson plans are contained in this manual in (Appendix ). All instructors will review the pertinent lesson plan prior to giving instruction. A reference library is maintained by (flight operations) located (where).

Policies and Facilities

The training curricula outlined in this manual cover Transport Canada's requirements for dispatcher training as per CASS 725.124. Presentation will be completed through lectures, classroom technique, video tape and slide programs, static aircraft display and operational experience.


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