XYZ Air Operators - Categories of Training

A classification of training is based on who will receive the training and the purpose of the training. There are seven categories of training that apply to aircraft dispatchers: Flight Dispatcher Specific, Recurrent, Requalification, Aeroplane Type Transition, Cockpit Familiarization On-the-Job, and New Dispatch Sector Training. CASS 725.124(21)(g)(h)(j)(k)(l)(m)

Flight Dispatcher Specific Training

The Transport Canada approved training applies specifically to the individual air operator's flight operations and operational control system. CASS 725.124(21). This category is for personnel who have indoctrination training and training for the air operator's operational control system. Since specific training is usually the employee's first exposure to specific company methods, systems, and procedures, it must be the most comprehensive of the seven categories of training. For this reason, initial new-hire training is a distinct separate category of training and should not be confused with other categories.

New Dispatch Sector Training

This category of training is for current and qualified dispatchers who are assigned by (name of the Air Operator) to a different aircraft group for the first time or area of responsibility. (example a dispatcher changing form domestic operations to Atlantic or Pacific operations)

Aeroplane Type Transition

This category of training is for currently qualified dispatchers of (name of the Air Operator) who are assigned to a different type of aircraft (for which they have not been previously qualified)

Recurrent Training

All currently qualified aircraft dispatchers must complete recurrent training during the eligibility period. CASS 725.124 (21)(j)

Requalification Training

This category of training is for an Aircraft Dispatcher who has been trained and qualified by (name of the Air Operator), but has become unqualified to serve as an Aircraft Dispatcher due to not having received recurrent training, a competency check, or Operational Familiarization within the appropriate eligibility period. CASS 725.124(21)(k).

Cockpit Familiarization Training

Cockpit familiarization is part of the initial and recurrent training program. During familiarization training the dispatcher shall occupy a jump seat during a revenue flight The duration of the familiarization training shall as specified in the company manual. CASS 725.124(21)(h)

On-The-Job Training

On-job training is a specified length of time a dispatch candidate will spend under the direct supervision of a fully qualified dispatcher. CASS 725.124(21)(g)

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