XYZ Air Operators - Dispatcher Specific Qualification Curriculum Segment

  • Requirement 1 - Aircraft Dispatcher Competence Checks!
  • Requirement 2 - Session Operating Familiarization Flights
Aircraft Dispatcher Competence Checks: Hours:  XX

Before (name of Air Operator) dispatchers can perform duties unsupervised in revenue service, they must have passed a competency check CASS 725.124(21)(I), administered by a Check Flight Dispatcher (CASS 725.124(4)(f)(ii). The Check flight dispatcher will grade the areas to be evaluated utilizing the subjects found in [CASS 725.124.(21)(I)]. Each subject will receive a score of satisfactory, satisfactory with briefing or unsatisfactory based on the Dispatcher's understanding of the subject area. Any subject areas receiving a score of unsatisfactory will require a re-evaluation within (7) days. The competency check is not to be used as training for the candidate.

Requirement (2) Familiarization Flights

In order to provide flight dispatchers and flight dispatcher candidates with practical experience of flight operations and the system of operational control, the air operator shall provide cockpit familiarization training as part of both initial and recurrent training. During this familiarization training, the flight dispatcher shall occupy a jump seat during a revenue flight in an aeroplane type operated by the air operator. The duration of this familiarization training shall be specified in the air operator's flight dispatcher specific training program, which must be submitted to Transport Canada - Civil Aviation for approval. This requirement does not apply to aeroplanes that are not equipped with a jump seat. Completion of each flight segment will be documented on the Dispatcher Operating Familiarization Record, which must include the Captain's signature.

Note:  The Operating Familiarization required CASS 725.124.(21)(h) is to be completed in the preceding 12 calendar months. (this means prior to a competency check, the dispatcher and the Check Flight Dispatcher must look back through the previous 12 months to ensure compliance with this regulation.)

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