XYZ Air Operators - Use of this Manual

The (Name of Air Operator) Dispatcher Training Program applies, and is designed to be comprehensive in content, yet flexible in presentation. This training program incorporates the regulatory requirements of CASS 725.20 and CASS 725.124 in order to qualify individuals as (Name of Air Operator) Flight Dispatcher and to maintain qualification in that position.

This GENERIC DISPATCHERS TRAINING MANUAL incorporates curriculum for the various categories of Dispatcher training, specific curriculum segments and various subject modules supporting those segments. The definitions for curriculum segments and subject modules, as used in this manual, may be found under the title definitions in this Section. While the curriculum gives guidance as to the general areas of study required by the Dispatcher, the subject modules provide detailed information on the subjects to be presented. Modular Training is the concept of program development in which logical subdivisions of training programs are developed, reviewed, approved, and modified as individual units. Curriculum segments and modules may be used in multiple curriculums. The modular approach allows great flexibility in program development and reduces the administrative workload in the development and approval of these programs.

This GENERIC DISPATCHERS TRAINING MANUAL a framework for standardization of the Dispatcher Training Program as required by CASS 725.124. Instructors will make and follow their lesson plans based on the approved Transport Canada syllabus CASS 725.124(21)(b). [A copy of the syllabus for each flight dispatcher specific training course shall be submitted to Transport Canada Civil Aviation by (name of air operator) for approval, and each approved syllabus shall be included in the appropriate Section of the company operations manual or in a separate approved training manual. Specific training courses shall consist of instruction in at least those subjects listed in this Standard which are applicable to the air operator and shall provide each flight dispatcher candidate with the level of proficiency specified for each applicable subject. Each specific training syllabus shall specify the time allotted for class review, examinations, and the review of examinations as well as the total time allotted to the delivery of the course. All course material shall relate to operational control procedures, aeroplane types, and the route structure of the air operator.]

Each training curriculum lists the Curriculum Segments that must be completed prior to Dispatcher qualification. Within the Curriculum Segments are Subject Modules containing the descriptive information to be covered.

Initial approval of this manual and program will be indicated by letter and signed by Transport Canada Operations Inspector. Final approval of this manual and program must be obtained within 6 months from the date of initial approval and will be indicated by an appropriate stamp on each numbered page signed by Transport Canada Principal Operations Inspector.

Record keeping is an integral part of training. Without adequately documented records, training never took place. This manual has one chapter devoted to the records needed to properly document all phases of this Dispatcher training program. Record keeping is the responsibility of the air operator CASS 725.124.(21)(e). [A training record shall be kept for each flight dispatcher who exercises operational control on behalf of an air operator. This record shall contain information on all the training completed by the flight dispatcher, including the results of Transport Canada - Civil Aviation's generic examinations, copies of all other examinations taken in the previous three years, records of on-the-job training, familiarization flights and all certifications of competency.]

Requests for revising a specific training course syllabus or for making significant changes to facilities or equipment shall be submitted to Transport Canada for approval CASS 725.124(21)(c). [Requests for revising a specific training course syllabus or for making significant changes to facilities or equipment shall be submitted to Transport Canada - Civil Aviation for approval. These revisions shall be submitted in such form that the entire page or pages of the existing syllabus can be removed and replaced.]

It will be the responsibility of each individual to keep his/her manual current and record any revisions.

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