ACC — Area control centre

AGL — Above ground level

AHAS — Avian-hazard advisory system

AIP — Aeronautical Information Publication

AME — Aircraft maintenance engineer

ATIS — Automatic terminal-information service

AWMP — Airport wildlife-management plan

BAM — Bird-avoidance model

BASH — Bird/aircraft strike-hazard team

BSCC — Bird Strike Committee Canada

CADORS — Canadian Aviation Damage Occurrence Reporting System

CARs — Canadian Aviation Regulations

CFS — Canada Flight Supplement

DND — Department of National Defence (Canada)

FAA — Federal Aviation Administration (U.S.)

FARs — Federal Aviation Regulations (U.S.)

IBIS — ICAO Bird Strike Information System

ICAO — International Civil Aviation Organization

IFR — Instrument flight rules

JAA — Joint Aviation Authority (Europe)

MTOW — Maximum takeoff weight

NAP — National Airports Policy

NTSB — National Transportation Safety Board (U.S.)

RAC — Rules of the Air and Air Traffic Services Section of the AIP

SOP — Standard operating procedures

TCU — Terminal control unit

USAF — United States Air Force

USDA — United States Department of Agriculture

VFR — Visual flight rules

VNAP — Vertical noise-abatement profile

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