1.11 Information Bulletins

Information bulletins are changes to this manual or the operational policies of (Name of air operator). All bulletins must be read by the dispatchers prior to shift changeover. A Flight Dispatch Bulletin is intended to provide a timely method of addressing operational issues. They are issued to clarify, standardize, or modify existing procedures or policies, or to provide new information when necessary. Compliance with their contents is mandatory. The information bulletins are located (where? this can be a book, manual or computer system) in the Dispatch office. A list of effective bulletins accompanies each bulletin issued and is located (where). A check of the effective bulletins will be made (at the first of each month) against bulletins, discarding those no longer effective. The dispatchers must register in the appropriate area (where) indicating the information has been read and understood. When the content of a bulletin has been incorporated into the manual or is no longer effective, the bulletin will be deleted. Changes to operational policies have been approved by Transport Canada.

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