2.02 Operations Manager (operators may use other names Director Flight Operations etc.)

Reports to:  CEO

Responsible for:

(use the following statement if the air operator is using a title other than Operations Manager)

The position of Director Flight Operations shall for interpretation under the Canadian Aviation Regulations be considered synonymous with the position of Operations Manager as defined therein.

The Operations manager is the Senior officer of, and responsible for, the overall operation of (Name of air operator) Flight Operations Department, with direct administrative, functional and technical responsibility for issues of operational control as performed by the Operational Control (Flight Dispatch) organization.

The Operations Manager provides administrative, functional and technical direction to the Manager, Flight Dispatch relative to the safe and proper execution of the Flight Dispatch Pre-departure Preparation and Flight Watch functions.

On day of flight, the actual exercising of operational control is delegated by the Operations Manager directly to the Pilot-in-Command and to the designated Flight Dispatcher through the Manager, Flight Dispatch.

The Operations Manager is also responsible for the ongoing liaison with Transport Canada and other international regulatory groups concerning flight operations matters involving the Operational Control (Flight Dispatch/Flight Watch) organization.

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