2.03 Manager, Flight Dispatch

The Manager Flight Dispatcher is a qualified dispatcher and maintains competency as per CASS 725.124

Reports to:  Operations Manager

Responsible for:

  • Providing day-to-day administrative, functional and technical direction to the Flight Dispatch and Load Planning organizations on behalf of the Operations Manager (DFO).
  • Liaison with the Operations Coordination Department relative to the impact of Operational Control upon Operations Coordination activities and requirements.
  • The development, implementation and enforcement of operational control standards, policies and procedures pertaining to the Flight Dispatch function, in keeping with all Safety, Transport Canada, Corporate and Operations Coordination requirements.
  • Providing flight operational support through Dispatch services including, but not limited to, Flight Planning, Flight Watch, Weather Briefing, and communications as required by the Canadian Aviation Regulations section 725.20 and those applicable sections of the Flight Operations Manual.
  • Ensuring that all Flight Dispatch personnel are provided with adequate training, checking and route familiarization suitable to the position being held within the Flight Dispatch organization.
  • Ensuring that Company flights are safely and efficiently planned, cleared, and monitored in accordance with established standards and regulations.
  • The initiation, maintenance, application and future development of Flight Dispatch Standard Operating Procedures Manual and all other manuals and documents relating to the Flight Dispatch function.
  • Development and implementation of standard operating procedures to ensure safe operations and compliance with the CARS, as directed by the Operations Manager.
  • Monitoring and measuring Flight Dispatcher performance relative to their knowledge and understanding of standards and procedures.
  • Maintaining complete and accurate records of Flight Dispatcher evaluations and training.
  • Providing work schedules which ensure adequate and efficient Flight Dispatcher staffing.
  • Determining Flight Dispatcher training requirements and the development and delivery of training courses and criteria.
  • Managing and ensuring the ongoing integrity and operational capacity/capability of all Flight Dispatch technical support systems.
  • Preparing the operating and capital expenditure budgets relative to Flight Dispatch.
  • Liaison with external agencies which may affect Operations Co-ordination.
  • The receipt, validation and upgrading of airport reference information.
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