3.02 Personal Conduct

(Name of air operator) expects all employees to accept certain responsibilities for adhering to business principles in matters of personal conduct and to exhibit a high degree of personal integrity. Acceptable conduct involves not only sincere respect for the rights and feelings of others but assurance that personal conduct in both business and personal life avoids any action that might: Be harmful to the employee himself, other employees, the Company, or cause any unfavorable reaction for current or potential internal and external customers.

Flight Dispatch personnel must use discretion when dealing with the public or news media regarding corporate matters prior to being permitted to participate in interviews or make public statements. Approval from (Name of person) is also required prior to representing (Name of air operator) in any public forum (i.e. speaking engagements, school career days, etc.)

Flight Dispatch personnel contacted either directly or indirectly by the Transport Safety Board of Canada shall refrain from comment on any regular or irregular operations. The Transport Safety Board of Canada representative calling shall be referred to the Flight Safety Branch of (name of air Operator) (phone number and name of the air operators safety representative) for purposes of positive identification and for all briefing/debriefing information being sought.

No person shall be under the influence of alcoholic beverages and/or mind altering drugs, while on duty. Sleeping at any time while performing the duties of Controlling Flight Dispatcher is expressly forbidden.

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