4.04 Briefing

A Flight Dispatcher debriefing, at shift changeover, shall consist of a thorough explanation of categories as outlined:

  • Flights under the flight watch phase
  • Upper air charts (applicable to operations)
  • Significant weather charts
  • Surface analysis and weather charts
  • Weather information for origin/destination and alternate airports
  • Pilot reports (PIREPS )
  • Changes to Aircraft Manuals
  • Changes to Operating Manuals
  • MEL Equipment as required

In addition the Flight Dispatcher will provide flight crews on request with a comprehensive weather briefing. The briefing will contain the following information:

  • weather information (this will include origin/destination/alternate and any enroute airports that may effect the flight)
  • NOTAM information for airports and enroute facilities effecting the flight
  • Aircraft serviceability (MEL items etc.)
  • Limitations (any restrictions that maybe imposed by ATC MEL items or air operator policy)
  • Performance limitations (weight, altitude, temperature limitations)
  • Routine and irregular operations (curfew, ATC, labor problems etc.)
  • Any notices or bulletins publish by the air operator or Transport Canada.

NOTE:  Flight Dispatcher(s) will be considered relieved from duty only when the individual(s) assuming their duties and responsibilities are satisfied with the debriefing. Assumption of the shift by the incoming Flight Dispatcher implies an acceptance of responsibility for the complete operation.

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