4.05 Operational Control

Operational Control is defined as the exercising of authority by qualified personnel over the formulation, execution and amendment of the Operational Flight Plan as detailed in the Canadian Aviation Regulations. The authority for Operational Control is joint and shared solely between the Pilot-in-Command and the controlling Flight Dispatcher. For operation purposes, Operational Control commences (hours prior to flight departure) and terminates upon confirmation of the flight's arrival at destination.

There are two key Flight Dispatcher activities associated with the exercising of Operational Control, they being pre departure preparation and Flight Watch. It is the Company's expectation that each Flight Dispatcher will prioritize workload responsibilities in such a manner as to guarantee that the performance of Flight Watch always takes priority over pre departure preparation and planning activities.

Flight crews and dispatches planning multiple flight legs must insure the flight plans remain valid. Flight crews on arrival at the down line station will check for any revisions to the original flight plan. Dispatchers will advise down line stations of revised flight plans and a confirmation from the station must be sent when the revised flight plan has been received and accepted by the pilot-in-command.

In the event that Operational Control activities should escalate to a point where pre departure preparation activities may begin to adversely affect the Flight Dispatchers ability to perform adequate Flight Watch, the individual shall initiate the following procedure:

  • reduction in pre departure activity in order to maintain a safe Flight Watch
  • reschedule normal pre departure activities up to and including the delaying and/or cancellation of non-operating flights under his operational control
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