5.10 Manual Flight Planning

In the event of a computer failure and operational control is unable to produce electronic flight plans the following procedures will be implemented:

  1. Dispatchers will select the optimum altitude for the route and aircraft using the appropriate upper air data.
  2. From the upper air data the average enroute temperature and wind components will be calculated. (see example 5.10).
  3. The burn fuel for the route is obtained from the appropriate aircraft planning section of the air craft manual.
  4. The normal selection of alternates and additional fuels will be calculated using the method above.
  5. A total fuel required for the flight will be provided to the pilot-in-command which will include reserve, alternate, additional, and burn and will constitute the minimum fuel required for the flight.
  6. The max performance take-off weight for the flight will be calculated insuring the max landing weight and/or the max structural take-off weights are not exceeded.
  7. A release message will be sent to the Captain (see example 5.11).
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