TP 13564 - Text Equivalent

(Conversation between an airplane and an helicopter)

Airplane: Max, what is a safety and health committee?

Helicopter: Well, it is a group that represents employees' safety and health concerns in the workplace.

Airplane: You mean such things as inadequate equipment, a first aid kit missing required items, a defective trolley on board aircraft should be reported to the committee?

Helicopter: Yes, but first one should discuss this with the supervisor. If there is still a concern, then the Safety and Health Committee or representative should be advised.

Airplane: I don't understand! What is a Safety and Health Representative?

Helicopter: Don't be confused! The main point is that both the committee and the representative are there to help the employer and the employee work together in addressing OSH concerns.

Airplane: That's great! Where can I find out more about the occupational safety and health committee and representatives?

Helicopter: Speak to your supervisor or to your OSH committee member or representative. Or you may consult the Transport Canada - Aviation OSH website at:

Airplane: Thanks a lot, Max!

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