General - Failure of a Flight Test

Failure to obtain the minimum pass mark or the failure of any flight test item constitutes failure of the flight test.  The failure of any ground item requires a complete re-test and precludes the air portion of the flight test.  Ground items are not eligible for a partial flight test.  The failure of one or two air items will require a partial flight test on those items, and the failure of a third air item will require a complete re-test.

The examiner will stop a test, assess it “1”, and a complete re-test will be required if the candidate jeopardizes safety by:

  1. displaying unsafe or dangerous flying that is not linked to a skill, lack of training or competency; or
  2. demonstrating a pattern of failing to use proper visual scanning techniques to check for traffic before and while performing visual manoeuvres.

Following a failed flight test that qualifies for a partial re-test, the candidate will obtain a copy of the flight test report to meet the requirements for admission to a partial flight test.

If not satisfied with the outcome of the flight test, a candidate may wish to file a written complaint regarding the conduct of a flight test or the performance of an examiner with the Transport Canada Regional Office responsible for that pilot examiner.  In order to succeed with a complaint, the applicant will have to satisfy Transport Canada that the test was not properly conducted.  Mere dissatisfaction with the flight test result is not enough.  After due consideration of the individual case, the Regional Superintendent – Flight Training, may authorize a re-test to be conducted, without prejudice (with a clean record in regard to the disputed flight test), by a Civil Aviation Inspector or alternate pilot examiner.  Should the complaint not be addressed to the candidate’s satisfaction, the procedure to be followed is outlined in “Civil Aviation Issues Reporting System (CAIRS)”.  The document can be found at:

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