Appendix 1 - Sample Appointment Memorandum - Audit Manager

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Memorandum Note De Service
T. Smith
Security Classification de sécurité
Our File - Notre référence
PAX 5258-23456-13
R. Jonson
Convening Authority
Your File - Votre référence
April 26, 2000

Subject/Objet:  Acme Aero Limited Audit - Appointment as Audit Manager

You have been appointed audit manager for the Acme Aero Limited routine conformance audit which is to be conducted during the period June 5-23, 2000. The scope of the audit will include all activities that could affect the safe operation of the operator, including:

  1. maintenance and related AMO and air operator programs;
  2. flight operations;
  3. cabin safety;
  4. the transportation of dangerous goods; and
  5. aviation occupational safety and health.

Your terms of reference are as follows:

  1. you will report directly to me until released from your audit duties;
  2. you will conduct all audit related matters in accordance with policy and procedures specified in the Inspection and Audit Manual and the appropriate functional area control manuals;
  3. you will immediately contact me with a recommendation for action in the event the team identifies an immediate threat to aviation safety;
  4. you are authorized to communicate directly with HQ directors and Regional managers to obtain the required personnel resources. This may be sub-delegated to team leaders at your discretion;
  5. a responsibility centre number will be authorized for expenses incurred during the audit.

Please provide me with an audit plan to include travel estimates, accommodation and overtime expenses, the bases to be inspected and other applicable planning strategies, by May 30, 2000. I also ask you to prepare a letter for my signature to Acme Aero Limited, informing the company of the proposed audit.

At the conclusion of the audit, copies of all travel and overtime claims (including travel advances) and other audit-related expenses shall be forwarded to PAX/A.

The audit report shall be prepared for my approval and signature and forwarded to the company within ten days of the completion of the audit.

Thank you for accepting this additional responsibility; I look forward to working with you on this audit.


R. Jonson
Convening Authority

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