Appendix 11 - Corrective Action Tracking Form

Functional Area Finding # Compl Date (proposed) Milestones/ Prog Review Pts Follow-up (O/A) Date Completion Date
FO-1 Previous Transport Canada Audit          
FO-2 Air Operator Certificate and Ops Specs          
FO-3 Company Manuals          
FO-4 Publications Library          
FO-5 Mgmt Personnel and Operations Coordination          
FO-6 Company Check Pilot Program          
FO-7 Flight Crew Training Program          
FO-8 Flight Crew Training Records          
FO-9 Operational Control System          
FO-10 Flight Documentation          
FO-11 Aircraft Inspection          
FO-12 Aircraft Documentation          
FO-13 Minimum Equipment List          
FO-14 Flight Inspection and Route Check          
FO-15 Aircraft Performance and Operating Limitations          
FO-16 Flight Safety Program          
CS-1 Cabin Safety          
CS-2 Flight Attendant Training Program          
CS-3 Flight Attendant Training Records          
DG-1 Dangerous Goods          
AOSH-1 Aviation Occupational Safety and Health          

Follow-up OPI _______________________  Date ____________________

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