Appendix 3 - Sample Appointment Memorandum - Team Member

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Memorandum Note De Service
Team Member
Security Classification de sécurité
Our File - Notre référence
PAX 5258-23456-13
Team Leader
Your File - Votre référence
May 7, 2000

Subject/Objet:  Acme Aero Limited Audit - Appointment as Team Member

You have been appointed team member for the Acme Aero Limited routine conformance audit which is to be conducted during the period June 5-23, 2000. The scope of the audit will include all activities that could affect the safe operation of the operator, including:

  1. maintenance and related AMO and air operator programs;
  2. flight operations;
  3. cabin safety;
  4. the transportation of dangerous goods; and
  5. aviation occupational safety and health.

Your terms of reference are as follows:

  1. you will report to the audit manager, through me, until released from your audit duties;
  2. all audit related matters will be conducted in accordance with policy and procedures specified in the Inspection and Audit Manual and the appropriate functional area control manuals; and
  3. you will immediately contact me, or the audit manager, with a recommendation for action in the event an immediate threat to aviation safety is identified.

A pre-audit team meeting is scheduled for June 7 at 19:00 hrs in Room 1201 of the Minto Hotel.

Thank you for accepting this additional responsibility as a team member for this audit; I look forward to working with you.

Team Leader

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