Appendix 5 - Audit Plan

Objective and Scope

A Regional Routine Conformance audit will be conducted on Acme Aero Limited during the period of June 5-23, 2000.

The scope of the audit will include all activities that could affect the safe operation of the operator, including:

  1. maintenance and related AMO and air operator programs;
  2. flight operations;
  3. cabin safety;
  4. the transportation of dangerous goods; and
  5. aviation occupational safety and health.

The audit will cover the period from June 20, 1997, to the present.

Company - General

Acme Aero Limited is an aviation company formed in 1984. It offers both a scheduled and non-scheduled domestic air service from the main base at Macdonald-Cartier International Airport, with sub-bases in Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport and Montreal International (Dorval). The operator also transports certain dangerous goods by air.

Acme Aero Limited operates one PA31 and two DA-20 aircraft from its main base, one HS-748 from each sub-base, plus one PA31 from the sub-base in Toronto. The HS-748s offer a scheduled service between Toronto and Windsor, Ontario and between Montreal and Val D'Or, Quebec. The PA31s operate on a charter basis and are available for med-evac under a standing offer with the Ministry of Health for the Province of Ontario. The DA20s have been added to the AOC since the previous audit in June 1997 and operate under contract to a major courier company.

Aircraft maintenance is performed in-house at all three bases. There is a full-time staff of eight Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, five apprentices and two technicians. The Aircraft Technical Records are kept at the main base in Ottawa.

The company has experienced steady growth and now employs over one hundred people. More detailed company information is provided in Appendix A.


Standard audit procedures specified in the Inspection and Audit Manual will be used. Specialty guidance materials, including checklists, forms and other guidance documents will be used where recommended in the applicable functional area control manual. The random sampling method will be employed where possible with deviations approved by the appropriate team leader.

Where we determine through our review that everything appears to be in order, we complete the specialty area summary for that area and go on to the next specialty area that we are responsible for.

Where Acme Aero Limited appears not to be performing in accordance with the Aeronautics Act, the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs), associated CARs Standards, or an approved company control manual, they are said to be in non-conformance. The following steps will then be followed:

  1. define the area of possible non-conformance;
  2. retain any clearly defined evidence;
  3. prepare CRF (if necessary) and present to Team Leader for vetting and discussion;
  4. complete the finding form (including 3 examples if possible) and attach any evidence or supporting documentation that is collected;
  5. complete the specialty area summary for the applicable area; and
  6. pass all documentation (finding form, CRF, evidence/supporting documentation, specialty area summary) to the appropriate Team Leader.


Discussions pertaining to the audit shall take place at a location that assures confidentiality; this is especially true when discussions take place on Acme Aero Limited's premises. Do not discuss the audit with persons other than audit team members and please refer any company questions to the audit manager or team leader through the appropriate company representative. Discussions with TCCA personnel outside of the audit team may occur with the knowledge and approval of the team leader.

Specialist Assistance/Foreign Travel

Specialist assistance and foreign travel is not required for this audit.

Parallel Findings/Observations

Detection of a TCCA non-conformance to a regulatory requirement, or a non-regulatory policy, procedure or guideline shall be identified on a parallel finding form. Where a team member identifies the possible need to revise a regulatory requirement or a non-regulatory policy, procedure or guideline, this shall be identified using the parallel observation form. Completed forms are to be submitted to the Audit Manager for review. The audit manager will then forward parallel findings and observations to the Convening Authority upon completion of the audit.


  Maintenance Ops Manager Sub-Total
Travel Expenses $16,532.36 $16,181.79 $ 6,653.66 $39,367.82
Overtime $ 4,024.06 $ 3,586.04 $ 1,946.94 $ 9,557.04
10% Contingency $ 2,055.64 $ 1,976.78 $   860.06 $ 4,892.49
Sub-Total $22,612.07 $21,744.61 $ 9,460.66  
Total       $53,817.34

Details for the proposed budget are in Appendix B to this plan. Team members are responsible to ensure that deviations from budgeted amounts are approved by the appropriate team leader.

Company Management

Name Title Telephone No.
I. Stravinski President, Acme Aero Limited (613) 974-2300
J. Anderson Director, Maintenance (613) 974-2306
T. Baynes-Armstrong Quality Assurance Manager (613) 974-2307
B. Mathers Director, Flight Operations (613) 974-2301
N. Schaffer Chief Pilot (HS748, PA31) (613) 974-2302
F. Duquette Chief Pilot (DA20) (613) 974-2402
M. Tellier Chief, Dispatch (613) 974-2304
S. Lavallee Director, Inflight Services (613) 974-2305
D. McIntyre Manager, Dangerous Goods (613) 974-2308
C. Roberts Safety Officer (613) 974-2303

Audit Team

Position Name Region Phone Cell/Pager
Convening Authority R. Jonson Ont 416-952-0001 416-987-6542
Audit Manager T. Smith Ont 416-952-0002 416-987-6543
Administration S. Brown Ont 416-952-0003 416-987-6544
Team Leader (Ops) J. Reynolds Ont 416-952-0004 416-987-1234
Flight Ops K. McLean Ont 416-952-0005 416-987-1235
Flight Ops M. Michaels Ont 416-952-0006 416-987-1236
Cabin Safety V. Bruce Ont 416-952-0007 416-987-1237
Dangerous Goods P. Gagnon Ont 416-952-0008 416-987-1238
AOSH N. White Ont 416-952-0009 416-987-1239
Team Leader (Maint) F. Lalonde Ont 416-952-0010 416-987-2345
Maintenance D. Jacobson Ont 416-952-0011 416-987-2346
Maintenance W. Preston Ont 416-952-0012 416-987-2347
Maintenance S. Wallace Ont 416-952-0013 416-987-2348
Maintenance J. Black Ont 416-952-0014 416-987-2349

Maintenance Requirements Audit Plan

Legend:  FL - F. Lalonde, DJ - D. Jacobson, WP - W. Preston,
SW - S. Wallace, JB - J. Black

  Pre-Audit - June 5-9, 2000
05 06 07 08 09
Travel FL, DJ, SW WP, JB      
  Previous Transport Canada Audit FL, DJ, SW WP, JB      
AOC-1 Maintenance Control Manual   All      
AOC-2 Person Responsible for Mtce   SW      
  Aircraft File Review   All All All All
AOC-5 Evaluation Program   FL, DJ FL, DJ    
AMO-1 Maintenance Policy Manual FL, DJ, SW WP, JB      
AMO-2 Person Responsible for Mtce   SW      
AMO-10 Quality System   FL, DJ FL, DJ    

    Physical Audit - June 12-23, 2000
    12 13 14 15 16 17/18 19 20 21 22
Administrative Ongoing
Entry Meeting All                  
AOC-1 Maintenance Control Manual   FL* Ongoing
AOC-2 Person Responsible for Mtce      SW*              
AOC-3 Technical Publications               DJ    
AOC-4 Technical Records DJ Ongoing
AOC-5 Evaluation Program FL,DJ                  
AOC-6 Weight and Balance Control                    
AOC-7 Mtce Development Programs N.A.
AOC-8 Reliability Monitoring Programs       JB/DJ JB/DJ          
AOC-9 TBA                    
AOC-10 Maintenance Planning   WP WP WP WP          
AOC-11 Defect Control         DJ          
AOC-12 Airworthiness Directive, SB's     WP              
AOC-13 Extended Range Ops ETOPS N.A.
AOC-14 Minimum Equipment List             JB      
AOC-15 Category II-III All Weather Ops N.A.
AOC-16 Technical Dispatch Procedures       DJ
AOC-17 Flight Authorities - Test - Ferry         SW          
AOC-18 Maintenance Arrangements       WP            
AOC-19 Training Program             SW/JB      
AOC-20 Personnel Records           FL        
AOC-21 Elementary Work         SW          
AOC-23 De-icing Procedures                    
AOC-22 TBA Ongoing
AOC-24 Servicing - Fuel, Lub, Oxygen             DJ/WP      
AOC-25 Control of Parts - Parts Pooling             DJ/WP      
AOC-26 Service Difficulty Reporting               JB    
With Integrated AMO
AMO-1 Maintenance Policy Manual   DJ*                
AMO-2 Person Responsible for Mtce     SW*              
AMO-3 Technical Publicatons               DJ    
AMO-4 Technical Records DJ Ongoing
AMO-5 Defect Control (deferral)         DJ          
AMO-6 Deferred Mtce Procedures         DJ          
AMO-7 Quality System FL,DJ                  
AMO-8 Mtce Release Authorization       SW            
AMO-9 Training Program           SW,JB        
AMO-10 Personnel Records         SW SW,JB        
AMO-11 Certification of Components       SW            
AMO-12 Control of Parts/ Aero Supplies             DJ,WP      
AMO-13 Support Overhaul Shops                 WP  
AMO-14 Testing/ Measuring Equipment               SW    
AMO-15 Maintenance Contracts             WP      
AMO-16 Facilities - General               WP    
AMO-17 Storage Facilities               WP    
AMO-18 Service Difficulty Reporting               JB*    

Operations Audit Plan

Legend:  JR - J. Reynolds, KM - K. McLean, VB - V. Bruce, MM - M. Michaels, PG - P. Gagnon,
NW - N. White

  Pre-Audit - June 5-9, 2000
05 06 07 08 09
Travel   JR, KM, MM VB PG, NW    
FO-1 Previous Transport Canada Audit JR, KM, MM VB PG. NW    
FO-2 Air Operator Certificate and Operations Specifications   KM, MM, VB PG, NW    
FO-3 Company Manuals     All    
FO-5 Management Personnel and Operations Coordination     All    
FO-6 Company Check Pilot Program     KM, MM    
FO-7 Flight Crew Training Program     KM, MM    
FO-12 Aircraft Documentation       KM, MM  
FO-13 Minimum Equipment List         MM
CS-1 Cabin Safety     VB VB VB
CS-2 Flight Attendant Training Program     VB VB VB
DG-1 Dangerous Goods       PG PG
AOSH-1 Aviation Occupational Safety and Health       NW NW

  Physical Audit - June 12-23, 2000
12 13 14 15 16 17/18 19/22 23
FO-2 Air Operator Certificate and Ops Specifications     JR*          
FO-3 Company Manuals             JR*  
FO-4 Publications Library KM*              
FO-5 Mgmt Personnel and Operations Coordination             JR*  
FO-6 Company Check Pilot Program       MM*        
FO-7 Flight Crew Training Program KM, MM KM*, MM            
FO-8 Flight Crew Training Records   KM, MM KM*, MM          
FO-9 Operational Control System     KM, MM MM        
FO-10 Flight Documentation             KM*, MM  
FO-11 Aircraft Inspection           KM, MM KM*  
FO-12 Aircraft Documentation         KM, MM KM, MM MM*  
FO-13 Minimum Equipment Lists MM*              
FO-14 Flight Inspection and Route Check       KM KM, MM   KM*, MM  
FO-15 Aircraft Performance and Operating Limitations             MM*  
FO-16 Flight Safety Program         JR*      
CS-1 Cabin Safety       VB VB VB VB*  
CS-2 Flight Attendant Training Program VB VB*            
CS-3 Flight Attendant Training Records   VB VB*          
DG-1 Dangerous Goods PG PG PG PG PG*      
AOSH-1 Aviation Occupational Safety and Health NW NW NW NW NW*      

* denotes the person responsible for the specialty area summary and the day it is due.

Appendix A - Detailed Company Information


Acme Aero Limited has a total staff of 110 people. The operational breakdown is as follows:

Pilots 24
Flight Attendants 12
AMEs 8
Apprentice AMEs 5
Technical Assistants 2

Bases (including Maintenance)

Main Base Macdonald-Cartier International Airport (CYOW)
Sub-Base Lester B. Pearson Airport (CYYZ)
Sub-Base Montreal Airport - Dorval (CYUL)

Company Aircraft


Maintenance Staff

Name Position Base License/Endorsements
J. Anderson Director, Maintenance CYOW M123123 M2,4,6(HS74/DA20)
T. Baynes-Armstrong Quality Assurance CYOW M234567 M2,4, 6 (HS74/DA20)
J. Townsend AME CYOW M345678 M2, 4
C. Cochrane AME CYYZ M456677 M2,4,6 (HS74)
P. Cameron AME CYYZ M567876 M2,4,6 (HS74)
T. Henry AME CYUL M987654 M2,4,6 (HS74)
F. Jones AME CYOW M758687 M2, 4, 6 (DA20)
B. White AME CYOW M751287 M2, 4, 6 (DA20)
B. Boyd AME Apprentice CYOW N/A
M. Pelletier AME Apprentice CYYZ N/A
S. Jones AME Apprentice CYYZ N/A
F. Cormier AME Apprentice CYUL N/A
A. Lafleur AME Apprentice CYUL N/A
L. Pierce Store Keeper CYOW N/A
B. Cohen Technical Records CYOW N/A

Flight Operations Staff

Name License Aircraft Type Base
N. Shaeffer A123456 HS74 & PA31 CYOW
F. Smith A654321 HS74 CYYZ
N. Granger A345612 HS74 CYYZ
B. Charles (Type A CCP) A456123 HS74 CYYZ
K. Williams A561234 HS74 CYYZ
D. Beck A612345 HS74 CYYZ
R. Collins (Type B CCP) A435612 HS74 CYYZ
C. Roberts A789012 HS74 CYUL
P. Tanguay A890123 HS74 CYUL
N. Connaught A901234 HS74 CYUL
R. Peterson A908765 HS74 CYUL
J. Altman A987654 HS74 CYUL
G. Gregory A776655 PA31 CYOW
B. Beliveau C123456 PA31 CYOW
W. Copeland C234561 PA31 CYOW
R. Scott A665544 PA31 CYYZ
A. Spencer C223344 PA31 CYYZ
B. Ferguson C334455 PA31 CYYZ
F. Duquette A172635 DA20 CYOW
H. Chang (Type A CCP) A192837 DA20 CYOW
R. Beverly A828374 DA20 CYOW
P. Dole A674914 DA20 CYOW
J. Green A5466277 DA20 CYOW
M. Martin A338495 DA20 CYOW

Appendix B - Proposed Travel and Overtime Expenses

Travel Expenses - Proposed

Name Days Hotel Compo- site Airfare Car Misc. Sub-Total Totals
T. Smith 18 1,620.00 966.60 500.00 600.00 73.73 3,760.33  
S. Brown 18 1,620.00 966.60 250.00   56.73 2,893.33  
Mgr Total               $6,653.66
J. Reynolds 18 1,620.00 966.60 500.00 500.00 71.73 3,658.33  
K. McLean 16 1,440.00 859.20 500.00   55.98 2,855.18  
M. Michaels 16 1,440.00 859.20 500.00   55.98 2,855.18  
V. Bruce 15 1,350.00 805.50 350.00 300.00 56.11 2,861.61  
P. Gagnon 10 900.00 537.00 500.00   38.74 1,975.74  
N. White 10 900.00 537.00 500.00   38.74 1,975.74  
Ops Total                $16,181.79
F. Lalonde 18 1,620.00 966.60 350.00 750.00 73.73 3,760.33  
D. Jacobson 17 1,530.00 912.90 500.00 750.00 73.86 3,766.76  
W. Preston 17 1,530.00 912.90 500.00   58.86 3,001.76  
S. Wallace 17 1,530.00 912.90 500.00   58.86 3,001.76  
J. Black 17 1,530.00 912.90 500.00   58.86 3,001.76  
Maint Total               $16,532.36
Total               $39,367.82

Overtime Proposed

Name # Hrs. Week 1 # Hrs. Week 2 # Hrs. Week 3   Totals
  x 1.5 x 1.75 x 2 x 1.5 x 1.75 x 2 x 1.5 x 1.75 x 2    
T. Smith 4   2 6   2 6     1173.44  
S. Brown 4   2 4   2 4     773.50  
Mgr Total                     $1,946.94
J. Reynolds 4   2 6   2 6     1091.52  
K. McLean 2   1 5   1 2     596.93  
M. Michaels 3   1 5   1 2     648.09  
V. Bruce 1   1 5   1 2     476.00  
P. Gagnon 1   1 5   1       386.75  
N. White 1   1 5   1       386.75  
Ops Total                     $3,586.04
F. Lalonde 4   2 6   2 6     1175.04  
D. Jacobson 2   1 5   1 4     699.46  
W. Preston 3   1 5   1 4     750.64  
S. Wallace  2   1 5   1 4     699.46  
J. Black 2   1 5   1 4     699.46  
Maint Total                      $4,024.06
Total Overtime                     $9,557.04
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