Appendix 8 - Exit Meeting Agenda


Audit Manager -

Opening Remarks

Convening Authority - (where applicable)

Executive Summaries

  • Maintenance -
  • Operations -

Audit Findings

Where possible, explain that there will not be a discussion on findings as these have been discussed during the teams daily meetings with the company and that further discussion may take place through the Corrective Action Plan approval process.


Explain the next stage of the audit:

  • Inform the attendees that the audit report will be completed in ten working days (review briefly the content of the report).
  • Explain that the report will be reviewed by the Convening Authority and his managers/representative from Commercial and Business Aviation, Maintenance and Manufacturing as well as Aviation Enforcement (indicate the possibility of Aviation Enforcement action). Also indicate that the audit management team will be involved with the approval process.
  • State that the company will have thirty working days (from the date of receipt of the report) to respond with a Corrective Action Plan that highlights the short- and long-term actions proposed to rectify any non-conformance.
  • Explain that the company can expect follow-up inspections after the Corrective Action Plan has been completed to confirm the effectiveness of that action plan.
  • Indicate that the company will be advised when the audit is formally closed.

Access to Information

(Discuss briefly)

Closing Remarks

Invite Company Pres/CEO to make any closing comments; and

Audit Manager close meeting

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