1.1 Purpose

  1. Commercial and Business Aviation (CBA) inspection and audit functions confirm for TCCA that a Canadian aviation document holder is operating in compliance with regulatory requirements. A company receives its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) on the basis that the program submitted for TCCA approval meets regulatory requirements. Emphasis is placed on the operator's control manuals (i.e., Company Operations Manual, Standard Operating Procedures, Flight Attendant Manual, etc.) to ensure that the content adequately addresses program control.
  2. For the program to receive TCCA approval, the control manuals must clearly explain how the organization intends to meet the requirements of the standards and regulations relating to the CARs sub-part under which the company will be operating. The manuals are reviewed to ensure that the means of achieving compliance with regulatory requirements is referenced and documented by process.
  3. Once approved, the company control manuals become important standards to which the organization will be evaluated. If for any reason procedures or processes specified in a manual are inadequate or are not being complied with by company personnel, such deficiencies must be brought to the attention of the company and the short-comings must be rectified. Non-compliance with other regulatory requirements must also be brought to the attention of the company. Where the non-compliance/non-conformance is identified during an inspection or audit, a finding will be assigned citing examples of the deficiencies. Corrective action and follow-up will be conducted in accordance with the process specified in the Inspection and Audit Manual (IAM).
  4. The checklists, forms and guidance materials presented or referred to in this manual are designed to provide inspectors/auditors with the necessary information and guidance to accurately assess an operator's level of compliance with regulatory requirements. Some checklists will be general in nature and will refer to more specialised checklists, forms or guidance materials.
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