2.3 Checklists, Forms and Guidance Material

2.3.1 General

Inspection checklists, forms and other guidance materials will guide inspectors through the inspection process of a particular specialty area. Regardless of the purpose for the inspection (routine or annual inspection, or a routine compliance or special purpose audit) the checklists, forms and guidance materials are to be used as indicated. This ensures that all inspections are conducted in a uniform manner and that the results of the inspection are documented appropriately.

2.3.2 Specific Checklists

1. Some checklists or guidance documents provide a level of detail that is suitable for certification activities. This is to say that the checklist or guide will, when completed, ensure a complete review of that particular aspect or characteristic of a company. These types of checklists are most useful as they assist inspectors (and operators who use the checklists during their certification activities) to interpret regulatory requirements in a standardized manner.

An example of this is the Ground Icing Operations Program checklist and guide. When these have been completed and all items have been assessed "OK", then the ground icing operations program fully meets the requirements called for in CAR 602.11.

2. As indicated in section of the IAM, there will be times when it is not possible or necessary to review or examine 100% of a company's operation. This is when sampling principles apply and are authorized for use.. It is important, however, that the inspector indicate what portions of the checklist were completed and what were not; this is accomplished by using the "N/C" (not checked) box on the checklist. As this checklist will be held on file and available for review by follow-on inspection personnel/audit teams, this allows future inspections to focus on those areas that were not reviewed on the previous inspection.

Applied to the use of the Ground Icing Operations Program checklist and guide, an inspector may not have the time during the review of a company operations manual to conduct an exhaustive review of the ground icing operations program; he or she is permitted then, under the concept of sampling, to review but a portion of the program.

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