3.1 Purpose

  1. Inspection and audit checklists have been developed to provide a systematic approach to the inspection of an air operator's various specialty areas. The checklists are designed to identify specific items within each specialty area and to make reference to applicable regulatory requirements. Where an operator fails to comply with these requirements, they will be considered in non-compliance and will be required to undertake corrective action.
  2. The CBA Inspection and Audit (Checklists) Manual is made available to operators and it is hoped that they will make use of the material presented in this manual as they evaluate their systems for effectiveness and compliance with regulatory requirements. As operators become more familiar with the benefits of using checklists and guidance material to evaluate their internal controls, it is expected that many will develop checklists and materials that pertain to processes described in specific company manuals (i.e., Company Operations Manual, Flight Attendant Manual, SOPs, MELs, etc.).
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