SFO-10a Journey Log - Load Sheet Analysis

Air Operator  File
Date  Base Inspector
Aircraft Type and Registration          
Journey Log Number          
Date (Year-Month-Day)          
Flight Number          
Crew (lb.)          
Passengers (lb.)          
Fuel and Oil (lb.)          
Baggage (lb.)          
Cargo (lb.)          
Operating Empty Weight (lb.)          
Log Book Take-off Weight (lb.)          
Calculated Take-off Weight (lb.)          
Difference of Line 12-11          
Certificated Gross Take-off Weight (lb.)          
Difference of Line 13-12          
Name of Captain          

Note:  Complete the form as indicated above. The calculations will reveal whether an aircraft has been operated over gross according to the log book calculations. If the calculations for Line 14 give a positive result, then the aircraft gross takeoff weight has not been exceeded. If the result is negative, then the opposite is true.

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