Chapter 3 - Guidance Material - Appendices

Appendix 9 - Audit Report Cover Letter

Toronto, Ontario
M5F 7J9

Registered 5258-1-23456

July 6, 2000

Mr. I. Stravinski
(add correct title), Acme Aero Limited
Macdonald-Cartier International Airport
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5L6

Dear Mr. Stravinski:

Enclosed with this letter you will find two copies of the Audit Report resulting from the regulatory audit of Acme Aero Limited completed on June 23rd, 2000. I am pleased to inform you that while the report contains (x) Maintenance and (y) Operations audit findings, the Audit Manager has assured me that Acme Aero is operating in a safe manner. For your convenience, you will find a summary of the most significant audit findings in Part II of the report.

Acme Aero must respond in writing to each audit finding. The proposed Corrective Action Plan (CAP) should detail both short term corrective action to correct the specific deficiencies cited and, where applicable, long term corrective action. Long term corrective action should focus on modifying the system to prevent recurrence of similar deficiencies in the future.

Acme Aero is requested to complete the Corrective Action Form on the reverse of each Finding Form and forward these to my office no later than Aug 22nd, 2000.

The co-operation extended to the audit team by you and your staff during the audit was appreciated.

Yours truly,


R. Jonson
Convening Authority

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