This page consists of a list of volunteers that contributed to the contents of this document. Without the input of each of these individuals, with their unique knowledge, it would not have been possible to generate the level of detail present in this document.

Listed in no particular order are the names and the affiliation of the individuals that were involved. If any person that contributed is not listed below, it was an unintentional omission.

Air Operators

Mr.Paul Ysselmuiden, Assistant Chief Pilot, Line Operations, WestJet; Mr.Warren Underwood, Senior Engineer (retired), Delta Airlines, Atlanta; Mr.Ian Anderson, Manager Ground Icing & Winter Operations, WestJet; Mr.Lou Grenier, Air Canada (retired), Toronto.


Mr.Paul Johnson, General Aviation, Transport Canada; Ms.Sandra Brow, Manager Terminal/Tower Operational procedures, NavCanada; Ms.Elizabeth Marston, Specialist O.H&S Transport Canada; Mr.Murray St-Louis, Specialist O.H&S Transport Canada; Mr.David Rye, Specialist, NavCanada; Mr.Ron Burkill, Manager, Environmental Systems, Transport Canada; Mr.Tom Dunn, Operational Standards, Transport Canada; Mr.Alec Simpson, Environmental Standards, Transport Canada; Mr.Michael Laughlin, Operational Standards (Superintendent Rotorcraft), Transport Canada; Mr.Alex Roberts, Operational Standards (Rotorcraft), Transport Canada; Mr.Bill Vermue, Aerodrome Safety Branch, Transport Canada; Mr.Jacques Servant, Chief Aviation Occupational Health and Safety, Transport Canada; Mr.Barry Myers, Transportation Development Centre, Transport Canada; Mr.Jim King, Operational Standards, (Inspector for Operation Control) Transport Canada; Bill Maynard, Meteorologist, Transport Canada; Mr.Doug Ingold, Operational Standards, Transport Canada.

Fluid Manufacturers

Dr.Jacques Leroux, Dow Chemical Canada.

Service Providers

Mr.Ken Eastman, Globe Ground; Mr.Alan Minns, Manager Training, Globe Ground, Toronto; Mr.Brad Beaver, Globe Ground, Toronto; Mr.Darryl Golbeck, Manager of Ramp Operations, Globe Ground, Toronto; Mr.Mario Rosa, AeroMag2000, Montreal; Mr.Kelvin Williamson, Globe Ground Toronto.


Mr.Ken Walper, Consultant to Transport Canada; Mr.Frank Eyre, Consultant, Montreal; Mr.Neil Larsen, Rare Birds Consulting; Mr.Dave Nicoll, Tailwinds Consulting.

Airport Authority

Mr.Paul Ritchi, Greater Toronto Airport Authority.


Dr.Charles Ryerson, CRREL (US Army); Mr.John D'Avirro, APS Aviation Inc.; Mr.Mike Chaput, APS Aviation Inc., Montreal; Dr.Myron Oleskiw, Researcher, NRC, Canada.

Equipment Manufacturers

Mr.Vince LoPresto, BFGoodrich Systems, USA.

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