Chapter 17 - Acronyms

For the purposes of this Transport Canada publication, the following acronyms apply.

Abbreviation Definition
AAF Aircraft Anti-Icing Fluid
AARXB Transport Canada, Commercial and Business Aviation Branch, Operational Standards Division
AC Advisory Circular
ADF Aircraft Deicing Fluid
AGIP Approved Ground Icing Program
AMS Aerospace Material Specification (SAE)
AO Air Operator
APU Auxiliary power unit
ARP Aerospace Recommended Practice (SAE)
AS Aerospace Standard (SAE)
ASTM American Society for Testing of Materials.
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATS Air Traffic Services
CAR Canadian Aviation Regulation
CASS Commercial Air Service Standard
C&BA Commercial and Business Aviation Branch (Transport Canada)
CCME Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment
CDF Central Deicing Facility
CEPA Canadian Environmental Protection Act
COHSR Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
DSS Department of Supply and Services (Canada)
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FMVSS Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard
FOD Foreign Object Damage
FPD Freezing point depressant (fluid)
GAGIO Guidance for Aircraft Ground Icing Operations
GIDS Ground Ice Detection System
GOFR General Operating and Flight Rules (Transport Canada)
HHET High Humidity Endurance Test
HOT Holdover Time
HRDC Human Resources Department Canada (Canada)
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
LOUT Lowest Operational Use Temperature
mm millimeter
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
OAT Outside Air Temperature
OSH Occupational Safety and Health
pH The acid/base rating of a fluid
PIC Pilot-in-Command
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
S.P. Service Provider
SMS Safety Management System
TC Transport Canada
TP Transport Canada Publication
U.S. United States (of America)
UV Ultraviolet (light)
WHMIS Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
WSET Water Spray endurance test

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