Chapter 19 - References

19.1 General

The references contained herein are not intended to be an exhaustive list; however, they are references considered relevant to this document and to Canadian aircraft deicing operations.

19.2 Canada Labour Code Part II

19.2.1 Related Documents

  1. Personal Protective Equipment - Safety Materials, Equipment, Devices and Clothing and Safety Restraining Devices Standards:

    1. CSA Z94.1-M1977 Industrial Protective Headwear;
    2. CSA Z195-M1984 Protective Footwear;
    3. CSA SZ94.3-M1982 Industrial Eye and Face Protectors;
    4. NIOSH Certified Equipment List published by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health;
    5. CSA SZ94.4-M1982 Selection, Care and Use of Respirator;
    6. CSA CAN3-Z180.1-M85, Compressed Breathing Air and System;
    7. CSA Z259.1-1976, Fall-Arresting Safety Belts and Lanyards for the Construction and Mining Industries;
    8. CSA Z259.2-M1979, Fall Arresting Devices, Personnel Lowering Devices, and Life Lines; and
    9. CSA Z259.3-M1978, Lineman's Body Belt and Lineman's Safety Strap.
  2. Hazardous Substances Standard

    American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists publication entitled 'Manual of Analytical Methods Recommended for Sampling and Analysis of Atmospheric Contaminants or the United States National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in the NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods, third edition, volumes1 and 2;
  3. Materials Handling Equipment

    CSA Standard Z150-1974, Safety Code for Mobile Cranes and its supplement Z150S1-1977, Supplement 1-1977.

19.3 Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)

19.3.1 Related Documents

TP10643E: When-In-Doubt..., Small and Large Aircraft, Aircraft Critical Surface Contamination Training for Aircrew and Ground Crew - December 2004

TP13946E: The Detection of Frozen Contamination on Aircraft Surfaces - A report on behalf of the SCOUIC Rep. Surfaces. W.G. - dated, September, 2002

TP13832E: Aircraft anti-icing fluid endurance, holdover, and failure times under winter precipitation conditions, a glossary of terms, November 2001.

Remote Deicing Pad Communications and Design Review - SCOUIC working group document, August31, 1997

19.4 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations (FARs)

19.4.1 Related Documents

  • FAA8100.10 Document - Volume4, Chapter8, Section2 - Ground Deicing and Anti-icing programs.
  • FAA8100.10 Document - Volume6, Chapter2, Section10 - Specific Types of Inspections.
  • FAA Op Spec Job Aid for AO23.
  • FAA AC20-117 Hazards following ground deicing and ground operations in conditions conducive to aircraft icing. Dated 1982. (AC website:
  • FAA AC120-60A, dated 19May 1994: Ground deicing and anti-icing program.
  • FAA Document DOT/FAA/AR-00/55; History, Processing, and Usage of Recycled Glycol for Aircraft Deicing and Anti-icing. Dated February 2001.
  • FAA AC135-16, Ground deicing and anti-icing training and checking. Dated 1994.
  • FAA AC150/5300-14, August 1993: Design of Aircraft Deicing Facilities.
  • FAA AC120-58, 30 Sept. 1992: Pilot Guide, Large Aircraft Ground Deicing.
  • FAA Regulation FAR121.629; operation in icing conditions.
  • FAA AC120-60, dated May19, 1994; Ground Deicing and Anti-icing program.
  • FAA AC135-17; Pilot guide small aircraft ground deicing. Dated: December14, 1994.
  • FAA AC150/5300-14; Design of Aircraft deicing facilities.
  • FAA document Safe Environmental icing aviation operations. Date October 2000.
  • FAA FSAT 03-01, Order8400.10, Appendix4, effective date: 10/24/03; FAA approved deicing program updates, winter 2003-2004. [The FSAT number changes yearly, however the title remains the same except for the year designation]

19.5 J oint Aviation Authority (JAA) Regulations (JARs)

JAR-OPS 1.345 - Ice and other contaminants (JAA operations regulation)

19.6 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

The SAE is involved in the production of engineering standards, recommended practices and specification documents. Originally the SAE was primarily focused on the automotive transportation sector; however, in more recent years significant effort has been expended on aerospace related activities.

One of the committees formed by SAE is committee G-12. This committee is focused on aircraft ground de/anti-icing issues. The sub-committees of G-12 include: (1)Equipment; (2)Ice Detection; (3)Methods; (4)Fluids; (5)Hold-Over Testing (6)Training; (7)Future Deicing Technology; and (8)Facilities.

The pertinent SAE documents are listed herein with a brief description of their contents.

19.6.1 SAE Address Information



Phone: 724-776-4970
FAX: 724-776-0790

19.6.2 SAE Ground De/anti-icing Related Documents

  1. Document name: Aircraft deicing vehicle-self propelled, large capacity

    Document type & number: ARP 1971 - Aerospace recommended practice

    Brief description of contents:

    Covers requirements for a self propelled, boom type aerial device, equipped with an aircraft deicing fluid spraying system.
  2. Document name: Deicing/anti-icing self propelled vehicle functional requirements.

    Document type & number: ARP4806 - Aerospace recommended practice.

    Brief description of contents:

    Covers the general functional and performance requirements for a self-propelled, boom type aerial device equipped with an aircraft deicing/anti-icing fluid (ADF) spraying system.
  3. Document name: Enclosed Service Provider's cabin for aircraft ground deicing equipment.

    Document type & number: ARP5058 - Aerospace recommended practice.

    Brief description of contents:

    Covers guidelines and design requirements for an enclosed cabin for both mobile and fixed deicing equipment.
  4. Document name: Performance standard for airplane ground ice detection system, airplane/ground based.

    Document number and type: AS5116 - Aerospace standard.

    Brief description of contents:

    Covers minimum performance standards for Airplane Ground Ice Detection (AGID) systems. Also, defines functional capabilities, design requirements and test procedures. The AGID system can include ground based and/or airplane mounted devices.
  5. Document name: Aircraft deicing/anti-icing methods with fluids.

    Document type & number: ARP4737 - Aerospace recommended practice.

    Brief description of contents:

    Provides guidelines for the methods and procedures used in performing the maintenance operations and services necessary for proper deicing and anti-icing of and aircraft on the ground.
  6. Document name: Deicing/anti-icing fluid, aircraft SAE TypeI.

    Document type & number: AMS1424 - Aerospace material specification.

    Brief description of contents:

    A specification for a deicing/anti-icing material in the form of a fluid.
  7. Document name: Fluid, aircraft deicing/anti-icing, non-Newtonian (pseudoplastic), SAE TypeII, III and IV.

    Document type & number: AMS1428 - Aerospace material specification.

    Brief description of contents:

    A specification that addresses three types of deicing/anti-icing material, each in the form of a non-Newtonian fluid.
  8. Document name: Training Program Requirements for Deicing/Anti-icing of aircraft on ground.

    Document type & number: ARP5149 - Aerospace recommended practice.

    Brief description of contents:

    This document provides guidelines for the training of ground maintenance and flight personnel respecting the deicing and anti-icing of aircraft on the ground.

19.7 Other Documents

DRAFT - SAE Document ARD50102; Forced air or forced air/fluid equipment for removal of frozen Contaminants. Dated 2002.

ATA MSG3-Operator/Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance Development - Revision 2001.

ICAO Publications:

  1. Annex 6, Part I
  2. Annex 14, Volume I
  3. Document 9157, Part 2
  4. Document 9376
  5. ICAO Document 9640-AN/940; entitled: Manual of Aircraft Ground de/anti-icing operations. Dated: first edition - 1995.

CAA (UK) document: Ground deicing of Aircraft.

Aircraft Icing Handbook, New Zealand CAA (Guidance document)

Civil Aviation Authority (UK), CAP 512-Ground Deicing of Aircraft (Guidance document)

Association of European Airlines (AEA) document: Recommendation for deicing/anti-icing of aircraft on the ground-dated September 2004, 19thedition. (non regulatory)

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