Chapter 9 - Equipment

9.1 Vehicle & Equipment Standards and Operations

9.1.1 Design

Deicing equipment should be designed and capable of operation such that personnel safety is not compromised. Furthermore the equipment should operate safely and efficiently under all foreseeable operating conditions.

Equipment fluid dispensing systems should be designed and operated in accordance with the requirements of the appropriate fluid and equipment manufacturer.

Generally, the vehicle design should be in accordance with SAE ARP 1971, and SAE ARP4806.

Vehicles shall comply with applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) standards, and shall be legal for highway operation.

9.1.2 Manufacture

Self-propelled deicing vehicles should be manufactured in accordance with SAE ARP4047 or SAE ARP4806.

Equipment should have sufficient lights installed to ensure that surfaces being de/anti-iced can be properly checked and inspected by the operator during low visibility conditions.

9.1.3 Maintenance

A preventive maintenance program that is recognized or approved by the equipment manufacturer should be established to ensure that the equipment consistently operates to its design specification.

9.1.4 Operation

Equipment should be capable of efficiently and safely removing all manner of frozen precipitation experienced or likely to be experienced at the airport.

NOTE: TypesII, & IV fluids, in particular, must be applied using specialized equipment. If these fluids are not applied in the correct manner and with the correct equipment, as recommended by the fluid manufacturer, they will NOT function as designed and will NOT provide the expected protection as indicated in the HOT tables. For TypeIII fluids consult the fluid manufacturer for application recommendations.

NOTE: Equipment intended for use during deicing operations, where the aircraft engine is operating, may have to be operated a greater distance from the aircraft. Refer to the appropriate manufacturer's documentation for details.

  1. All deicing equipment shall be utilized as per established procedures (including pre-deicing equipment inspections).
  2. All personal protective equipment, as supplied by the employer, shall be utilized as designed and as per Service Provider procedures.
  3. Communication equipment shall be available and utilized as per approved procedures for deicing operations.
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