This Guidance document contains information applicable to the Commercial Operation of Aircraft in Canada under Ground Icing Conditions.

The information herein derives from many sources. It comes from operational experience, from scientific fact, from testing and evaluation, and from Regulation.

It is intended that all of those involved in Ground Icing Operations will find some information in this document that will assist them in their understanding of such operations.

There are a very large number of variables involved in operating aircraft during ground icing conditions. For this reason it is difficult to prescribe a solution for each and every situation that may arise. Therefore, this document generally identifies the principles at play and it is understood that a large measure of sound judgement will be required in many instances to ensure the continuance of safe aircraft operations under ground icing conditions.

A Ground Icing Operations specialist is available at Transport Canada Headquarters, Commercial and Business Aviation Branch, Operational Standards Division for consultation, as may be required from time-to-time.

M. Gaudreau
Commercial and Business Aviation Branch
Transport Canada

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