How To Use This Document

This document's table of contents is arranged in a manner that is intended to suggest a logical flow of information. The Chapter names have been chosen to accurately reflect the content.

Air Operators are advised to start with the Chapter entitled: "Ground Icing Program Guidelines". This Chapter outlines the required contents of an approved aircraft ground icing program. Each section of the Ground Icing Program chapter refers in turn to other chapters of the document for additional detail.

Other document users may choose to refer to the table of contents Chapter names to guide their search for information and guidance.

The index at the back of the document can also be used to locate very specific information whose location may not be immediately evident with sole reference to the Table of Contents.

Document specific term definitions are located in the Glossary chapter, and acronyms are presented in a specific chapter, both are located at the back of the document.

Numerous references and other documents of interest have been identified in the References chapter. Reader may choose to enhance their knowledge of specific issues by researching the listed documents.

The use of this document is not mandated by Regulation; however, if the Guidance in this document is followed then the following words, within the context of this document, take on a particular connotation:

  1. Should - Should implies that it is advisable to follow the suggested activity, process or practise.
  2. Must/Shall - Must or Shall implies that the suggested activity, process or practise needs to be followed because there are significant safety implications.
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