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1. The time between the end of evening civil twilight and the beginning of morning civil twilight (CAR 101.01)

2. False; You may not takeoff from or land at an unlighted aerodrome at night unless the flight is conducted without creating a hazard to persons or property on the surface and the aircraft is operated for the purpose of a police operation that is conducted in the service of a police authority or for the purpose of saving human life. (CAR 602.40)

3. A flashlight that is readily available to each crew member. (CAR 602.60)

4. (b) 45 minutes for aircraft other than a helicopter or (c) 20 minutes for a helicopters (CAR 602.88(3))

5. (b) not less than three miles (CAR 602.115)

6. (b) 30 minutes (TP 12863)

7. (d) (TP 12863)

8. (c) A.I.P. AIR 2.7.2

9. No, when the aeroplane is operated during the night, the authorization is for the purpose of allowing the aircraft to land at the destination airport. (CAR 602.117)

10. False (CAR 605.16)

11. True (CARs 605.16(e))

12. Canadian Flight Supplement (CFS), General Section

13. (c) (CAR 605.16)

14. True (CAR 605.16)

15. True (TP 12863E Human Factors for Aviation, page 71, paragraph 3)

16. (a) (TP 12863E Human Factors for Aviation, page 103)

17. (a) (TP 12863E Human Factors for Aviation, page 83)

18. (c) (TP 12863E Human Factors for Aviation, page 60)

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