Check List for Operational Control Manual

REF FOM = indicates the reference where information can be found in the Flight Operations Manual/Company Operations Manual

REF OCM = indicates the reference where information can be found in the Operational Control Manual/Dispatch Manual

Doc Ref = If information resides in another manual include that manual reference

N/A = not applicable to the air operator

Manual Area Comments YES NO REF/ FOM REF/ OCM Doc Ref N/A
Introduction If air operator uses an MEL mention in the introduction (make sure they state when the days begins example: for ABC airlines operation a day being at 0000Z)            
List of effective pages            
Revision page            
Manual Control Is it clear who has control over manual organization)            
Bulletins, Notices Information circulars Is there clear direction for dispatchers to acknowledge and indicate understanding of operational bulletins etc, CASS725.135(v)            
MEL Procedures Ensure procedures of how MEL items are forwarded to flight crews through dispatcher (CASS725.135(g) this should also indicate how maintenance advises dispatch of MEL items)            
Property There should be an indication that the manual is the property of the air operator. (This is not required but suggested for air operator protection)            
MEL Does the air operator clearly indicate when their day begins in relation to MEL items?            
Flight Safety Program Is there reference or procedures for the dispatcher to take advantage of the flight safety program? (725.135(oo)            
Org Chart Is there a clear and strong line from the dispatcher to the DFO? (be careful that the marketing division is NOT involved in operational control)            
Disagreement Policy Ensure the disagreement policy in the dispatch manual is exactly the same as that in the FOM            
Duties & Responsibilities Is it clear who reports to whom? (Example: Manager Dispatch reports to DFO, Dispatchers report to Manage Dispatch etc.) It is also important to indicate if the person holds a Dispatcher Certificate.            
Check Dispatcher If the air operator has a dispatcher approved by Transport to conduct Dispatch Competency Checks make sure it is clear the person reports to TC with communication to Manager Dispatch. (Transport Canada must approve nomination with letters of approval CASS725.124(4)(f)(ii)            
Qualifications Has the air operator indicate if individuals are qualified dispatchers or not. (Some upper organization chart personnel may not be certified dispatchers)            
Shared Responsibility Is it clearly stated in both dispatch manual and FOM that the Flight Dispatcher and PIC shall share pertinent and related flight information and any proposed changes to the Operational Flight Plan during flight watch (see 725.20(1) General (ii))            
Operational Control Begins Indicate when operational control begins. (Usually the air operator will indicate a specific time example 3hours prior to scheduled departure).            
Operational Control Ends The air operator must indicate that operational control ends with the termination of the flight.            
Multiple Flights If the operational control system provides for the planning of multiple flight legs there must be a process for verifying the down line legs (see 725.20(1) General (iii) & (v)).            
Dispatch Log Clearly indicate the procedure and process for entering information in a dispatch log (see 725.20.(2)(b))            
Acceptance of Flight Plan Is there a clear process of how the formal acceptance of the flight plan is recorded? (CASS 725.20(1) General (iii))            
Commencement of Flight Does the manual clearly indicate commencement of flight occurs after brake release for take-off? CASS725.20(1) General (v)            
On Ground Communication Are the procedures and equipment available for the dispatcher to contact flights in a timely manner (CASS725.20(1)(c)(ii) (the manual should indicate the systems available and their use). There must be approval from Transport Canada requirements have been waived.            
In flight Communications Is there direct an timely communication available as per CASS725.20(1)(c)(i). Has Transport Canada permitted any deviations from the standard?            
Communications Has Transport Canada waived any on ground communications requirements? CASS725.20(1)(c) Communications (ii)            
Departures Are the limits for early and late departure clearly defined? (see 725.20(5))            
Arrivals Are the limits for early or late arrivals clearly defined?            
Enroute Are the limits for enroute information clearly defined? (Example: flights 10min early or later than flight planned must advise dispatch)            
Alternates Is it clear how alternates are assigned and how revisions to alternates are handled?            
Take-Off Alternates How are take-off alternates assigned? (if assigned at flight planning, how are they assigned after the PIC has signed the flight plan and is taxing for take-off)            
Fuel Policies Is the company fuel policy clearly stated? (What is their tankering policy?)            
Fueling Is it clearly stated how much additional fuel can be loaded before dispatch is advised?            
Types of Flights Are all flights under the co-dispatch system (are ferry flights, test flight and training flights under the co-dispatch system?)            
ATC /Curfew Are there clear procedures outlining how flight plans filed with ATC?            
Curfew Are there clear instructions for dispatchers outlining curfew restrictions are handled by the dispatcher (example delaying departures enroute holds etc.)            
Crew Briefing Is there a clear outline of what items the dispatcher covers with the PIC during a briefing? (The dispatcher should cover the items to which the crew is entitled to receive.)            
Co-Authority Dispatch Is there a clear definition of co-authority? Is it clear that co-authority is in effect until brake-release?            
Flight Watch Is it clear when flight watch begins?            
Personal Manuals If the air operator provides individual manuals, is it clear that they must be maintained and updated?            
Base Manuals Are copies of the Dispatch Manuals available at pilot bases?            
Reporting for Duty Does the manual clearly indicate duties required when reporting for duty?            
Shift Change Over Are the requirements for shift change over and briefing outlined in the manual?            
Dispatch Library Is there a list of manuals use in the dispatch office library?            
Workload Management Is there a clear directive indicating the priority of workload including a priority list? (Example: airborne flight emergencies take preference etc.)            
Fuel Requirements Is there a clear directive indicating how much additional fuel can be boarded without consent of PIC and dispatcher?            
Performance Are there clear directives on use of performance data and runway analysis information?            
Weather Are there clear procedures for obtaining weather information and any back up procedures?            
NOTAMs Are there procedures and backup for receiving NOTAM information?            
Flight Planning Are there clear procedures regarding the flight planning system used by the air operator. (if a computer flight plan system is used there is normally a reference to the manual.)            
Flight Watch Are there clear guidelines outlining the responsibilities of the dispatcher and PIC during flight watch?            
Operational Emergency Procedures Usually this is a separate document referenced in the dispatch manual.            
Evacuation Are there clear directives and procedures written if an evacuation of the operational control facility is required? (some air operators op operators have evacuation bags with vital manuals etc. to be taken to an off taken to the evacuation sight location)            

Records & Training Comments YES NO REF/ FOM REF/ OCM Doc Ref N/A
The list below can be in a separate section or separate manual. If in a separate manual then clear references are required.            
1 Is initial and recurrent training separated in the air operators training section of the manual?            
2 Does the manual specify the length of initial training? CASS725.124.(21)(a)            
3 Does the air operator have two specific examinations and are they acceptable to Transport Canada CASS725/124(21)(d)            
4 Does the manual specify the length of time for recurrent training? CASS725.124(21)(j)            
5 Is there a specified allotted time for on-job-training? CASS725.124(21)(g)            
6 Does the manual specify the number or time allotted for initial Familiarization time? CASS725.124(21)(a)            
7 Does the manual specify the number or time allotted for annual Familiarization flights? CASS725.124(21)(h) (has this been approved by TC)            
8 Does the manual indicate the total time for initial training?            
9 Does the manual indicate to amount of time allotted to annual recurrent training?            
10 Do all qualified dispatchers meet the requirements of CASS725.124(21)(k) the 90day or 12month requirement?            
11 Does the manual indicate clearly the requirements to maintain dispatcher records?            
12 Does the training section cover new sector or aircraft transition training? CASS725.124(21)(l)(m)            
13 Does the air operator have records for all dispatchers?            
14 Are there records of annual competence checks?            
15 Have all dispatcher obtained restricted radio licenses?            


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